De Montfort University student reflects on fantastic trip to New York City

By Chantelle Roberts


Twenty-year-old, third year student from Brigstock, working at reception in De Montfort University

A grateful student has praised organisers of the #DMUglobal trip to New York for giving him an experience he normally could not have afforded.

#DMUglobal, an international experience programme for De Montfort University students, took 1,000 third year students to the Big Apple at the start of January 2017.

Jack Porter, a 20-year-old third year student studying English Literature at De Montfort University, says his trip to New York lasted for five days.

Informed through the #DMUglobal email system, Jack discovered the opportunity to be sent to New York with his peers.

DMU offered to pay a hefty £800 off students’ travel and hospitality costs, giving many students the chance of a lifetime to travel to another part of the world.

Whilst the third year exclusive trip gave students a chance to explore New York in their free time, each group went on tailor-made activities specific to the course they are studying while at university.

Through the English course, Jack and fellow students visited the Tenement museum, the public library and the United Nations Headquarters.

A grateful Jack said: “Funding by DMU was a big help, they organised buses to and from the airport and I feel I have been given the chance to go somewhere I wouldn’t have normally been able to afford.”

Jack who also works for the Students’ Union, explained the next trip organised by #DMUglobal will be to Paris and he recommended any students interested should check out the information via

DMU Contour Fashion student secures dream placement

By Holly Hume

DMU Contour Fashion student, Amelia Horn, has landed a summer placement with famous swimwear brand Heidi Klein, based in London.


De Montfort’s Contour Fashion BA is well known as a fiercely competitive degree which equips students with an impressive resume and placements with the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch, Agent Provocateur and GAP New York.

Miss Horn said: “It feels amazing to have gained a summer internship with Heidi Klein in the buying and operations department.

“All the staff on my course have so much industry knowledge and experience, and are always there to offer great advice whether it’s about the industry itself or your current project.

“The Contour Fashion course is different from others as there are always new opportunities from visiting Victoria’s Secret head office in New York to having work displayed at MODA in Birmingham.”

The course focuses on lingerie, body wear, swimwear, loungewear, nightwear, corsetry, menswear and sportswear.

work.pngm owkr.png

Whilst students are not required to do a placement year, the experience is invaluable to many.

“As I have no experience in Fashion Buying my main aim is to gain more experience in the field, also to gain more insight into the way that the industry works which will really benefit me when it comes to finding a job after I graduate,” said Amelia.

“I want to be working in the swimwear industry as it’s something that I love.”

p chic.png

Contour Fashion at DMU also boasts a Catwalk show, hotly anticipated each year, international design competitions such as Lingerie Designer of the Year and The Leathersellers Award.

#DMglobal is fully integrated into the course via overseas trips, international study, and the representation of the course in the Festivals of Creativity in Brazil, Shanghai and Beijing.

To see more of Amelia’s work follow her on Instagram at @ameliasintimates.

DMU graduates gain wealth of experience after completing training scheme

By Kerri Stevenson

A group of De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) graduates have gained a wealth of experience and are now fully prepared for excellent careers thanks to the university’s Graduate Champions scheme.

The scheme, which takes place multiple times a year, involves a paid six-week internship with a leading business.

The aim is to improve the graduates’ employment prospects and help them stand out from the crowd in a furiously competitive job market.

Before beginning their internship, the graduates completed three days of training, which involved learning about how DMU Local and Square Mile work to raise awareness of important issues in the area and to organise projects to help people living in the local community.

During the course of the internship, the graduates developed their skills and experience in areas such as blog writing, podcasting, interviewing and using social media to promote the work of DMU Local.

sq mile.png

Tim Ince

Priya Patel, 25, a Fine Art graduate, said: “I chose to do the DMU Graduate Champions scheme as it helps to train people in things they have little experience in but have an interest in.

“The placement was excellent for me, especially in terms of learning what is on offer for the local community through DMU Square Mile and DMU Local.

“It was also incredibly interesting to put together podcasts and research into how volunteers help the local community, as my group looked into education and it was great to speak to some of the volunteers and experience the whole event.”

During the scheme, graduates are given tasks to create interesting content about research done by the university, including YouTube videos, podcasts and blog posts.

Topics that have recently been covered by this include research into stem cells and breastfeeding.

Jordan Wildman, 22, a Dance graduate, said: “This scheme is great for helping graduates like me get more contacts in fields they want to work in in the future and it also provides great references for future employers, which improves prospects of getting jobs.”

The scheme is also highly effective as it not only increases the employment rates of graduates, but gives leading employers the opportunity to work with talented former students with graduate-level expertise and innovation.

The main focus of the internships is on providing high quality experience and benefiting both the graduate taking part and the host organisation.

Occasionally employers providing the internships are so impressed by the graduate’s work that they have chosen to take them on permanently after the six-week period is over.

Tim Ince, a Journalism graduate who now works at the university as a DMU Local Projects and Outreach Co-ordinator, said: “Graduate Champions are generally very successful with becoming employed shortly after completing the scheme.

“Despite having a degree, sometimes people find it very difficult to find work after graduating from university and this is where Graduate Champions comes in, as it helps to provide people with the relevant employability skills and confidence they may be lacking.”

If you graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2016, you can apply to join the Graduate Champions scheme by filling in an online application form.



DMU Sustainability team spread the love for Fairtrade produce

By Kerri Stevenson

DMU’s Sustainability team is set to host a range of events over the next two weeks for its annual Fairtrade Fortnight event, which is open to staff and students.

The event, which began on February 27 and runs until March 12, has the theme of ‘Putting Fairtrade in my Break’ and includes a bake sale, a talk from Kenyan coffee farmer Esther Koskei and a six-word story competition.

Karl Letten, DMU’s Environmental and Sustainability Officer, said: “The main aims of this event are to raise awareness about the benefits of Fairtrade, educate students on what it is and show them what they can do to support fairer trade.

fairtrade“It is such a great initiative because students can help to improve people’s lives from all around the world simply by choosing what products they buy.”

Fairtrade Fortnight is a nationwide event organised by the Fairtrade Foundation, which has been celebrated by DMU since 2009, which led to the university becoming certified Fairtrade in 2010.

The Fairtrade Foundation is a UK-based charity founded in 1992 that works to empower disadvantaged producers in developing countries by tackling injustice in the trade industry.

Mr Letten added: “Many people often feel powerless to act when faced with global issues such as poverty and world trade and one way of making a difference in these issues is through the products we enjoy on a daily basis.

“This event is helping to do this each year, which is why it is always very successful and to continue this success, we will be running Fairtrade events and initiatives throughout the year.”

If you wish to enter the six-word Fairtrade story competition, please send your original story to or tweet @sustainableDMU using #DMUfairtradestory by Sunday, March 12.

For more information about how you can get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight, please click here.

Woman mistakes home invader for own son



The window (left) and extension the home invader used to escape the house.

By Michael Evans

A burglar conned his victim into thinking they were her son in his bed before stealing their belongings.

Last Thursday, Mandy Sanders woke up and checked her son’s room as usual. After assuming the person in the bed was her son, she left for work.

But when she returned from work she found the room empty and the window wide open, with several gadgets and a substantial amount of cash missing.

At about 7pm the same day, her son, Liam Sanders, returned home from a friend’s house in Market Harborough.

Mrs Sanders asked Liam if he had been at home that morning, but when he told her that he had been out of town all night, she phoned the police.

The police advised her on home security and crime scene investigators checked for fingerprints.

The burglar is thought to have escaped through the first floor window before climbing down a ground floor extension, leaving a trail of mud, and knocked over ornaments behind him.

Mrs Sanders said: “When Liam came back I’d assumed he’d spent the day at college.

“I think whoever was in the bed heard me waking up, and decided it’d be a good idea to hide under the duvet. I feel a bit silly for not checking now.”

Liam added: “I’m just glad I wasn’t home, you know? Don’t like the idea of a burglar trying to get into bed with me.”