Vegan-friendly ice-cream menu leaves Leicester locals licking their lips

By Tyler Arthur

Ice-cream-loving vegans will give a cool thumbs up to a city ice cream parlour which has launched its new menu, now featuring dairy-free desserts.


Whipee! The restaurant can be found in Granby Street.

Whipee Gelato, opened in June 2015, but the restaurant has overhauled its menu to stop the vegan community from missing out.

Sales assistant at Whipee Gelato, Jordan Wildman, said the new menu has been selling well since its launch at the weekend.

“The new selection has been very popular. People are loving it,” he said.

The original menu was also extended for people who do eat dairy, including the introduction of an entirely new selection of large milkshakes, called ‘Freakshakes’, which are served in foot-tall glasses.

The inclusive dessert menu features waffles, sundaes, shakes and smoothies. Shop staff hope the new menu will make the restaurant a hot spot during summer for vegans – while retaining traditional customers.


  1. It’s gelato not ice cream you tart…


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