DSU, the success of the reopening

By Milo Burgoine-Roth

The Student’s Union (DSU) at De Montfort University finally opened on Wednesday 25th of January after a revamp designed for “improving the student experience.”

Now the De Montfort Student’s Union is back, events are being held with more splendour than when the SU were forced to operate out of the small art building, making it easier for the students to get involved with wider social circles.

Keira Rounsley, the Vice President of Welfare and Community at the Students’ Union, said that the most enthusiastic and out there students usually belong to the sport socials, which can indeed be seen by the upcoming DMU Pride sports event on the 10th of February.

Some students even appear to be going the extra mile. Ms Rounsley said “Many of them are doing their own thing and going off to plan events at the student union, though not necessarily with us.”

Sporting events are not the only ones planned by the DSU. On the 16th of February there is a talk at the Hugh Aston Building from a Rabbi and a Reverend about faith and sexuality.

This is all part of the DMU Pride events which, in support of gay rights, is saying no to homophobia in sport, religion and other groups that may be prejudiced.

As well as sports and talks about faith there are comedy nights, conferences and films all exploring the struggle for sexuality that many homosexuals have gone through.

Ms Rounsley also emphasised upon the importance of social media in the campaign saying that “Social media is heavily involved with them (the events).”

Whilst DMU Pride events only make up a small amount of the DSU events overall they definitely seem to be some of the more popular ones with a lot of participation from everyone and large amounts of success.

Ms Rounsley added: “I would say that the DSU has been successful, it has included everyone in its events and has seen great success since its opening in January.”

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