Warwick Revue Smash it At The Soundhouse

The Warwick Revue comedy society entertained the locals on a Sunday night at The Soundhouse, Leicester ,with a series of laugh-out-loud sketches.

As part of the Leicester Comedy Festival, which attracts hundreds of performers ranging from musical acts to alternative and game shows, the society from the University of Warwick showcased their ‘best bits’ that have been written since their formation five years ago as well as some recent content.

Their sketches were short, expertly written and rehearsed and based on various topics and people such as Vladimir Putin and alcoholism, before reeling you in and delivering the hilarious punchlines.

Charlie Cooper gave an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes of the comedy group.

He said: “Everyone from the society is welcome to write sketches or submit them and every other week we will do a ‘rough drafting session’ of sketches.

“These will then be submitted and the director will pick some that she wants to do or thinks will work well with the cast.”

Katyana Rocker-Cook, a third year student and member of the troupe, said: “In an ideal world we balance it but we probably don’t in real life.

“Some people perform more than they write, while others write more than they perform – Ben Harcourt wrote loads this term.

“This show was a ‘best of’ show of stuff we done years ago and bringing it back. We take it in turns to do different things.”

President of the society, Ellen Wootten, said that the group were using the festival as a building block: “We were looking to see where we could do more shows and it is not too far from Warwick in the free festival.

“JokesOnUs is hugely helpful for us as it gives us a chance to perform on different stages and try out material on non-student audiences when we go up to Edinburgh in the summer.”

By Ross Barnett


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