The King of the King Power taken to the sword in a reported player revolt – Yesterday’s revelations underline deeper issues within the beautiful game.

OPINION: By Joel Wood

Claudio Ranieri has been sacked as Leicester City’s manager only nine months after his historic Premier League championship winning season with the foxes.

The news highlights several issues – notions of loyalty, greedy owners, player power and what all this means for the state of the beautiful game.

Firstly, we must be clear. The decision to sack Ranieri last night was wrong.

Everyone can see that. There has been a huge tidal wave of support from other managers, pundits, players and fans on social media since the news broke.

These groups are the life’s blood of the game. To say their opinion doesn’t count is nothing short of foolish.

But this is not just as story about an amiable Italian who took an underperforming East Midlands side to the top of English football.

It’s more than that.

There are bigger questions and issues to be dealt with here.

How can a manager who wins FIFA’s Manager of the year, giving this unfancied club the most successful season in their history, be betrayed like this?

It underlines the clear misalignment of priorities between club owners and fans in the modern game. It’s the story of football in the 21st century.

Owners see clubs today as businesses, highly profitable businesses in which they can grow their net worth and buy one more 50-foot yacht off the coast of the Bahamas.

They don’t care that my favourite player scored a brace at the weekend and a young talent was brought on for his club debut.

They ONLY care about prize money. Shirt sales. The next big sponsorship deals.

There’s rarely an emotional connection anymore. That seemed to die out in the days before Super Sunday and bright pink boots.

This marginalisation of fans is truly worrying and shows no sign of stopping.

Leicester fans showed unwavering support for the Italian through the highest of highs and now the lowest of lows.

This was not enough for the Thai owners, who showed no elegance, loyalty or compassion in the decision.

Disturbingly, reports have shown that the players didn’t either.

Stories of players going to the owners demanding Ranieri’s sacking is both disturbing and disheartening to hear.


This man took the profiles of every single player in that squad to the next level during the 2015/2016 season.

To throw that away less than a year later after not scoring a goal in the league in 2017 and displaying no desire or competitively in their play is laughable. It tells you a lot about Ranieri. It also shows you a lot about the personality of some of the players.

A player’s job is to train hard, be in the best condition they can be and give everything they have on Saturday afternoon.

Nothing more, nothing less.

For them to kick up over the internal running of the club should not be happening on any level. It shouldn’t happen at a League Two team. It certainly shouldn’t happen at the Champions of England.

Ranieri’s sacking is undoubtably a sad time for the club and fans of Leicester City Football Club.

He will always be remembered as the best manager the club has ever seen and has taken them to another level within the footballing world.

But we must accept it and learn from it.

There are areas within the game that need changing. It’s our job, as fans, to make a stand and change the game we love for the better.

Don’t let your club make the same mistakes that Leicester City have made.

Show them there is still heart left in football. That a club can be successful AND do the right thing.

The two things should not be mutually exclusive.

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