Student organised festival challenges venue stereotypes


180 Degrees team as pictured left to right, Sian Wilshaw, Hannah Storm, Charlotte Fournee. Not pictured Tiffini Castle, Catherine Griffiths, Jodie Giblin, Andzelika Dojlida and Cameron Boyle.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a burlesque dancer in your local coffee shop, or perhaps have old-fashioned storytellers filling your local snug with tales of woe or misadventure? Then 180 Fest could be the festival for you.

Starting March 10 and finishing March 11 is the two-day festival that will be bringing quirky and unusual performances to the most unconventional of venues.

180 Fest is a project organised entirely by the 180 Degrees organisation which is composed of eight De Montfort University Arts and Festivals Management students.

180 Degrees Finance Officer, Hannah Storm, 22, said: “Our focus is challenging and contrasting the idea that venues have to be specifically tailored for whatever types of performers they invite.

“We’ve managed to arrange a wide variety of unique and quirky acts in some really odd and contrasting venues.”

For a full list of the 180 Fest line-up as well as further information on participating venues and prices refer to the digital leaflet below or visit their twitter handle @180Fest or head to their Facebook page 180 Fest.

By Jason Cowlishaw



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