Bigger and Better things for Maddy Anholt after Leicester Gig

Maddy Anholt wowed her audience at Duffy’s Bar on Friday night with a work in progress show comprising of short sketches.

img_1782Hailing from London, Maddy’s comedy incorporated accents from all around the world, through various short sketches that synced effortlessly together and left the audience in stitches with her lascivious humour.

Trained at the revered drama school based in London and Wigan ALRA, alongside Miranda Hart and Bridget Christie, Anholt holds the school with high regard.

“We all did the same course at ALRA which gives birth to loads of kooky female comedians,” she said.

“The course is quite character-heavy; it’s got a really good comedy module in it.”

Written in just two months, Friday night was only the second showing of her new comedy show.

“I wouldn’t say this show has been easy to write but it’s been the easiest show to write, because it’s been the first show where I’ve told everyone to go away,” she added.

“Quite often when you do shows, you will have directors and agents that will say do this, do that, and the show becomes something that doesn’t feel as if it’s yours, so this year I made a decision to really do a show that I felt really happy with.”

Maddy’s career doesn’t solely comprise of performing her sketches as stand up, having scribed LoveFix for ITV as well Dealing with D*ckheads for Warner Bros.

She said: “I was writing a show for ITV at the time called LoveFix and was in the same studio and I am a bit of a chancer.

“I had a script with my ‘Rude Girl’ character called Dealing with D*ckheads and I took it to Warner Bros as I was writing another show for them. It took two years but they commissioned it.

“She is the character that has been commissioned for a show on Radio 4, No Smoke, that will be going out at the end of the year”

Ross Barnett

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