Tolu Gives Advice On Where Student Should Grocery Shop

Tolu Omalade speaks to me about shopping at Lidl and Aldi, ahead of the big retailers like Tesco and Morrisons.

Tolu Omalade, 19, is a Sociology student at University of Leicester sat down with me to speak about how students can save money shopping at supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi. Tolu said to me “young people may think shopping at shops like Lidl and Aldi isn’t good enough for them, almost like there is a stigma, when really it is.’’

Tolu added ‘’they are really buying the same product just as upmarket as Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s are. The quality of the product is still good, for example Lidl’s meat and vegetable section are really good.

Tolu feels her fellow students, should always look for the option that saves money, but still get the same quality of product. She said ‘’ As students there are other things we need to pay for, you could be spending £25 on shopping at Tesco, but be spend £12 on shopping when you go to Lidl, so you save £13 a week, which as time goes on adds up, which you can save to spend on other things.’’

Tolu feels that grocery shopping is a key way to save money. She told me ‘’I feel shopping is one of the key ways to save money and as a student looking to save as much money as possible should be a main target for all students, that are living away from home, at university.’’

In Leicester, the closet Lidl for both students is on Upperton Road, which is accessible for both students from both universities.external

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