Demon FM’s James Hickling pleasantly surprised by success of Weekends

By Matthew Chandler


In 2015-2016, James Hickling, 21, was one of just three presenters on Demon FM’s Weekends shows.

Every weekend, the three of them would host shows which, unlike others on the station, had the freedom to veer from a specific genre or type of music and play, quite literally, whatever they wanted.

This year, Demon FM, which celebrated its 21st birthday last November, has an entirely different proposition in Weekends.

James has become Head of Weekends, which now has to operate on a fortnightly basis given the near-over-subscription of presenters this year.

“It’s been kind of insane” said a beaming James, who also has his own exclusive Saturday show on Demon FM, Tension.

“We’ve gone to, all of a sudden, a huge influx of people, which is always a good problem to have. It’s been a challenge trying to get everybody organised but now that we are, it’s really good.”

Such an unprecedented number of members, coupled with the variety of music played across the board, has helped make every show unique, and James was quick to praise all the presenters.

He added: “It’s just been through sheer mindedness and determination to get it working. It’s not easy for Weekends shows because we don’t stick to the playlist; you’ve got to go off the beaten path as it’s very much about your own individual stuff.”

James cites the recent Weekends photoshoot as a personal highlight, where pairs had pictures taken to promote their shows, as well as a whole team group photo, producing interesting results, to say the least.

“That was great because everybody showed up and was smiling and happy; that’s the thing I wanted everybody to take away from it- [a feeling of] community.”

You can tune in to Weekends, or indeed any show on Demon FM, by clicking here:

What is attracting students to DMU

By Alice Warner

A record number of people are accepting places to study at De Montfort University.


The university has reported that over the past two years 25% more UK students and 75% more students from the EU have accepted a place here.

Reasons cited include that De Montfort University has been named one of the world’s top ‘young’ universities and has won many awards over the years.

DMU also holds a lot of trips and events in EU capitals for students as a part of the #DMUglobal and #LoveInternational projects.

Jade Woodward, a second year Contour Fashion student at DMU, said: “People could be choosing here because of the courses. We have a lot of external clients that come in, giving you a chance to work in the industry and to a time scale.

“This gives you more of an advantage when you get into a workplace.”


DMU has many connections and it gives students an opportunity to get into the world of work and experience this before they graduate.

Jade also said: “There are so many opportunities on the course.

“I chose the course because of all of the opportunities that you get. It gets you in to the working environment and it gives you a feel for the industry, so you are prepared for the world of work.

“Now the university has been done up more people are going to want to come here because it looks really nice.”

DMU has just hosted its latest open day which was a success with a good turnout.

DMU open day is a big hit with international student

By Alex Leadbitter

An A-level student was impressed last week after she attended a De Montfort University open day to find the university welcoming and accepting.


Natalia Kusnierz (18) is a Polish born A-level student who has lived and studied in England for 3 years and is currently deciding where she would like to attend university to study psychology.

She said: “I was attracted to De Montfort because of the course that it offered but after visiting the university in person I realised how committed they are to helping and supporting its international students.

“I visited DMU on an open day and was really impressed with the way they were so accepting for students not originally from the UK. I felt like I’d really be accepted if I came here.”

With events such as #DMUpride, #LoveInternational and the progress of #DMUglobal, it is clear that De Montfort does not shy away from celebrating diversity at the university.

Ms Kusnierz added: “Obviously there are loads of different factors that will influence where I end up studying, but knowing that DMU is so accommodating to international students is really important to me.”

De Montfort University has seen a huge rise in applications in 2016 both from UK and International students.

In 2015, acceptances from EU students have risen by 75% to De Montfort and by 25% from UK students.

With this huge increase in acceptances, DMU is now in the top ten most popular universities in the UK and its celebration of different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds seems to be a prominent reason for the university’s success.



Tolu Gives Advice On Where Student Should Grocery Shop

Tolu Omalade speaks to me about shopping at Lidl and Aldi, ahead of the big retailers like Tesco and Morrisons.

Tolu Omalade, 19, is a Sociology student at University of Leicester sat down with me to speak about how students can save money shopping at supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi. Tolu said to me “young people may think shopping at shops like Lidl and Aldi isn’t good enough for them, almost like there is a stigma, when really it is.’’

Tolu added ‘’they are really buying the same product just as upmarket as Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s are. The quality of the product is still good, for example Lidl’s meat and vegetable section are really good.

Tolu feels her fellow students, should always look for the option that saves money, but still get the same quality of product. She said ‘’ As students there are other things we need to pay for, you could be spending £25 on shopping at Tesco, but be spend £12 on shopping when you go to Lidl, so you save £13 a week, which as time goes on adds up, which you can save to spend on other things.’’

Tolu feels that grocery shopping is a key way to save money. She told me ‘’I feel shopping is one of the key ways to save money and as a student looking to save as much money as possible should be a main target for all students, that are living away from home, at university.’’

In Leicester, the closet Lidl for both students is on Upperton Road, which is accessible for both students from both universities.external

Decision today on plan for 113 new homes off Saffron Lane, Leicester

By Elliot Leadbetter

A development of more than 100 new homes off Saffron Lane in Leicester will be discussed by the Planning and Development Control Committee today.

The proposed application is for the development of 113 houses on the former St. Mary’s allotment site and will be discussed at 5.30pm today.

The applicant for the development is Westleigh Partnerships Ltd and they hope to develop a large number of predominantly small houses, consisting of 2 x 1 bed, 59 x 2 bed, 45 x 3 bed, 7 x 4 bed and 12 x 1 bed flats with associated infrastructure including access, drainage and pedestrian link to Aylestone Road.

Councillor Bill Shelton, who represents the Saffron Ward, said: “There’s obviously an absolute shortage of housing across the country.

“On a more local level this site has been derelict for several years and ideally the public would like it to be turnt back into allotments but this is something that’s just not going to happen in this economic climate.

“Housing in this area is definitely needed.”

A report to tonight’s planning committee says: “Proposed development would provide much needed residential accommodation in the city in a sustainable location.

“A developer contribution of £344,778.18 will be secured by legal agreement to mitigate this demand.

“£85,000 has been requested towards off site sports provision.

“The requested contribution would be spent on the reconfiguration of the grass infield of the Saffron Lane Athletics Track to allow another field sport to base itself on the centre bowl infield.

“It is considered that the design, layout and appearance of the proposed development are acceptable and the development complies with the NPPF and Local Development Framework.”

Seven objections have been presented to the council raising concerns regarding a loss of green space, ecology issues, highway issues and drainage.

Objectors state that there are limited amounts of green space nearby and the two main roads that run either side of the site are already congested, so the development will only increase traffic where the roads are already busy.

Objectors have also stressed concerns over further anti-social behaviour and illegal drugs, which they say are already a problem in this area.

Leicester City Council upholds their position that the planned development would provide much needed residential accommodation in the city in a sustainable location and the plan is recommended for approval.