DMU celebrates Christianity with eye-opening science and religion talk

DMU students gathered at the university’s Campus Centre Atrium today (Monday February 20) for a discussion on the issues facing Christianity in the modern day.

The free talk, titled Hasn’t Science Disproved God?, aimed to compare and contrast arguments involving both science and religion and show that it is possible for both beliefs to work together in unison.

The event took place at noon and was organised by Fearless Questions, an organisation that specialises in one-year training courses to teach young people to open their minds to the world of Christianity.

max-imageMax Jeganathan, 33, from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, said: “People always think you have to choose between God or science and that it is impossible to consider that both of these things may be compatible with one another.

“A lot of non-Christians turned up to the talk today and I found that they were mainly neither negative nor positive, just curious, which is one of the reasons why I think there was such a good turnout.

“I encourage all students who are curious about Christianity to ask as many questions as possible including those about the many aspects of religion including morality, destiny, care and purpose.”

The talk was the first of a number of events taking place over the coming week, which will take place around DMU and the city in the afternoons and evenings.

Every day, events will be held at the university’s Campus Centre at noon and the Holy Trinity Church at 7pm, with the exception of Friday evening’s live music show, which will be held at The Parcel Yard pub.

These events are free to attend, with no need to book tickets, and are open to students with any beliefs, whether they are religious or otherwise.

For more information, contact DMU’s Student Union by sending an email to or calling 0116 255 5576.

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