DMU bookshop is closing down

By Harry Rogers

The campus bookshop at De Montfort University will permanently close at the end of the month.

The shop which has been open as part of the Hugh Aston building since 2009 is to be closed to make space for a short term exhibition space.


A student looks through the last remaining books.

A source, who did not wish to be named, said: “A lot of people are disappointed, both staff and students alike.

“I don’t know the exact reasons as to why but I’m not sure it’s regarded as profitable.”

The decision to close the shop comes just two months after The University of Leicester located across the city from DMU had its campus bookshop closed.

The source added: “Obviously there are books that we could perhaps get here which would be much harder to get online and through Waterstones. It’s a real shame”

Books remaining in the shop are now on sale at a discounted price for anyone to snap up.

The shop’s official twitter page tweeted: “We have big sales on, including lots of books for only £1! Come and get a bargain!”

 You can visit the bookshop in Magazine Square before its eventual closure on February 28.

De Montfort students are given the opportunity to explore China through #DMUglobal

By Elliot Leadbetter

Students studying Business and Law will travel to China on a #DMUglobal trip of a lifetime

The trip will educate students on Chinese culture, history and language, as well as travelling to China’s most famous cities to visit high profile companies in Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai.

The trip will be taking a maximum of 35 students, and one of the applicants, Jake Snooks, a business management student at DMU, said: “From an educational point of view the trip to China is a great opportunity to witness how businesses work in a completely different economy.


“It is also a great chance to develop key skills that are valued by employers and widen my worldwide business knowledge.

“However aside from education, the trip is also a great life experience to visit one of the world’s most amazing countries and witness their culture.”

Students will also have the chance to visit iconic landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

The trip will run over the course of two weeks, from Saturday May 27 to Sunday June 11.

Opportunities provided for students through De Montfort’s #DMUglobal scheme are increasing each year, with upcoming trips to New York, Copenhagen, Italy, Los Angeles, and Japan to name a few.

If you are a student at De Montfort University and wish to apply for a #DMUglobal trip, visit this page for more details –


DMU student lands placement with prestigious design company

By Kerri Stevenson

A student from De Montfort University has been awarded a work placement with a leading street furniture company who will put her winning design into production.

Fatima Manji, 31, a second year Product and Furniture Design student, impressed judges from Marshalls, after taking part in a competition in which students designed a range of street furniture.

The collaboration has taken place for the last two years and the winner is offered a three-month placement with Marshalls at their Leamington Spa HQ.

Fatima said: “I was very surprised to win, it was so unexpected for me and this whole project has been such an amazing experience.

marshalls-image “I was interested in doing this as it goes into a lot of detail about examining how people react around street furniture in public places such as train stations and I wanted to be able to bring something new to the market.”

In 2nd place was Harris Priest, 21, a 3rd year Furniture Design student and taking 3rd place was Toren Storer, 20, a 2nd year Product and Furniture Design student.

The project was managed by Associate Head of School of Design and Senior Lecturer Stuart Lawson, who tutored the students while they worked on their projects.

He said: “I loved doing the project again this year, as it involves students working on a real brief for a real commercial project and every aspect of it was so interesting, especially the fact that the students got the chance to create new concepts for new realms.”

Project Manager at Marshalls, Abby Kellett, said: “The idea of DMU and Marshalls collaborating first came about in late 2015 and this is when I and my colleagues Jon Scott and Chris Lamb, who are also managers at the company, came together.

“The first competition happened in spring 2016 and it was great to have the opportunity to make use of functionality and trends as well as taking on competitors in the marketplace, which is why I hope the project happens again next year.”

Crohn’s and Colitis UK walk and cycle

By Chloe Hewitt

Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s Leicestershire and Rutland group will be holding a sponsored walk and cycle in Rutland.


The event aims to raise money and awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is set to take place on April 30 at Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

All routes will begin and finish at Whitwell Car Park on the North Shore of the reserve, with a number of different routes to choose from.

The different routes include a short two mile walk to the bluebells and back or a longer three mile walk along the shore.

For those who are more energetic there are cycle routes all around the water, which are around 17 miles long.

Diann Hewitt, whose daughter suffers from Crohn’s Disease, said: “It is for a great cause and I really hope many people get involved.

“Many people do not realise how horrible this disease is and seeing my daughter suffer is something any parent would not like to see their child go through.

“If you cannot walk, even the smallest donation can go towards more research into IBD.”

You can still go along on the day and show your support without walking or cycling, as there will be food and entertainment as well as information at hand to learn more about IBD.

Register now online or telephone on 07434731970.

If you would like to make a donation to support the fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease please click here.

Any donation you make would be greatly appreciated, so please join the Bluebell Walk and Cycle 2017 now!

Evington Library may shut its doors after council cutbacks


Evington Village Library

By Mickey Evans

Leicester City Council’s Transforming Neighbourhoods Service has stopped taking public feedback concerning the potential closure of Evington Village Library.

Significant cuts in government funding to Leicester City Council mean that the council must review neighbourhood services in order to assess their affordability.

Evington Village Library is one of 11 neighbourhood buildings targeted by the council.

The library, although considered to be past its prime by some, still offers a place for students of nearby schools to study as well as easy computer and internet access to the elderly residents of the village.

The ‘Friends of Evington’ group aim to prevent the closure of the library, arguing that it should be retained for the heritage of Evington Village.

They believe that the library should be improved rather than being discontinued by the council, and encouraged Evington village residents to have their say on the future of the library.

One village resident, Aaron Neilson, said: “I’ve lived in the village for most of my life, but I’ve never actually used the library because I have the internet at home.

“It’s a shame that it might get cut, but at the end of the day I don’t think it’d really affect me much.”

On the other hand, Simon Griffin, local student, said: “I use the library a lot because it’s a lot less crowded than the one at college.

“It would be a real shame to see it close, but I’m hopeful that the council will make the right decision.”