Relax and enjoy a Spanish getaway in Fuerteventura

Thinking of going abroad this summer? Then why not jet off to sunny Spain, for a week of relaxation on the glorious and golden beaches of Fuerteventura. Student, Kam Kaur, tells Simran Gill why a European trip to Fuerteventura is one of the best holiday experiences she has been to.


Enjoy visiting traditional tapas and karaoke bars, luxury resorts, villages and sun bathing on the beach with ice cold drinks, in the Canaries with family and friends.

Experiencing the Spanish culture in Fuerteventura, is one of the best holidays you can go to. The resorts and villages are filled with traditional Spanish food and entertainment, in order to keep the tourists feeling welcome and excited.

Student, Kam Kaur who visited Fuerteventura said: “I absolutely loved this holiday, as I got to relax and experience the culture.”

Spain is a lot different to the UK, as Spain is more holiday orientated, due to having a numerous amount of holiday destinations, resorts and beaches. The day to day living style is also like a holiday, as hobbies and day trips consist of going to the beach or a fun night out.

Tourists mainly go to Fuerteventura for a one or two week break and get to do a numerous amount of fun activities, such as water sports, shopping, visiting bars, restaurants and exploring beaches, villages and their lava fields.

A popular attraction is the Oasis Park, which is a safari park, consisting of more than three thousand animals, including reptiles, birds and giraffes. The park has many entertainment factors, such as wildlife shows and optional camel rides.

Kam said: “It was so fun going to the safari park as I got to see loads of African animals, as well as going on horse and camel rides.”

“We also went to a water park, to the beach, shopping, restaurants and sight-seeing.” Kam added.

There are also downsides, as the holiday can be based on visiting one area.

“There was nothing much else to do, other than what we did, so a one week break was enough in Fuerteventura.” Kam stated.

There are many places to stay in Fuerteventura, such as Corralejo, Costa Caleta, Costa Calma and Jandia.

Jandia is on the southwest point of Fuerteventura, where the beach is the main attraction, due to it being stretched over 32 kilometres.

It consists of luxury hotels and villas, where tourists can take full advantage of what there is to offer, such as a spa, pool and a restaurant.

Kam said: “We stayed in Jandia, which is a beautiful place. We used to go to the beach everyday and play games.”

Also in Jandia, you can visit the Parque National de Jandia, which is a national park, consisting of Egyptian vultures and unique flowers and wildlife. There is also a fishing village called Quaint old town, where the best fish restaurants in Fuerteventura are located.

Spanish food and drinks are served at the resorts, as well as cuisines influenced from other countries.

Kam said: “My family and I went to loads of different restaurants and the food was great. It was our first time tasting traditional Spanish cuisine.”

“I loved the tortillas, paellas, patatas bravas and calamari and I used to have the Spanish special served at the resort everyday.” Kam added.

Fuerteventura is a vibrant place, full of friendly people and with many sights to see.

Kam said: “My family met another family who were also staying at our resort and we are currently still friends since.”

Exciting activities such as scuba diving, island cruises, tours of the city and a pirate adventure are also available in Fuerteventura.

“This holiday was lovely, as I got to experience the Spanish culture. I would definitely go back some time.” Kam added.

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