Petition fights to prevent tuition fees increase

By Chloe Hewitt

A petition has been set up calling for the government to review plans to further increase university tuition fees.

In England, the total amount of fees an institution can charge a student is set to rise due to inflation.

Sitting at £9,000 currently, some universities, including De Montfort University, will be increasing the amount that they charge students to study at their establishment.

DMU will charge students from the start of the 2017/18 academic year £9,250 – but only those entering their first year.


Discussions took place for the increase to affect all students at the university but was overwhelmingly rejected.

The petition against the increases was set up by Zahra Walji and within days reached 100,000 signatures, meaning it is set to be debated in Parliament.

It is calling for fees to return to the £3,000 that students were once charged before rapidly increasing in 2010 to the £9,000 students are faced with today.

The amount of signatures the petition has is increasing by the minute, unsurprisingly considering the amount of people who are often put off by the idea of going to university due to the high fees to do so.

To sign the petition and fight the proposed increase, go to:

Leicester City’s performance bad for business?

By Declan Lloyd

Businesses close to the King Power Stadium are suffering from a loss of trade due to Leicester City’s poor performance in the Premier League, according to one shopkeeper.

Leicester lost their fifth Premier League game in a row on Sunday night against fellow relegation strugglers Swansea City, making it six league games without a win.

Paresh Patel, who works at Costcutter near the King Power Stadium, said: “There has been less business since Leicester started losing.”


Mr Patel added: “Winning the league was a proud moment for Leicester whether you like football or not.

“The good form was good for business.”

However, Mr Patel is still confident that his team can stay up.

He said: “Leicester are definitely going to stay up in the Premier League, they were the champions last year.”

Local business owners will be hoping that Leicester can turn their form around and stay up this season and also keep up their good run in the Champions League with a win against Sevilla.

Mr Patel doesn’t completely blame bad business on Leicester City’s performance. He said: “At Christmas and in the Summer, when the students have gone home, no one is here and business is really bad.

“We were relying on football fans to make up for those less busy times.”

Sam Bailey influences the younger generation into stardom

Vanisha Bhogaita tells Simran Gill all about how she is awed by Sam Bailey’s incredible talent and how she is still star-struck by the fact that her first encounter with the 2013 X Factor winner was when the star heard her perform.


What better way to get insider knowledge about the music industry than from an X Factor winner herself. From winning the TV show, Sam has achieved a lot, whilst taking out the time to visit local schools and events in her home city, Leicester.

A music institute in Leicester called Echo Factory, is a music school for young inspiring artists, which offers professional training and an insight into the music industry.

The institute hosted an event called ‘Surviving the Music Industry: Sam Bailey’ where the special guest revealed the challenges she has faced in her journey so far, the ups and downs of winning X Factor and how to survive the music industry, in a manner that only strong minded entrepreneurs can.

Vanisha Bhogaita, 18, a student currently studying A Levels, would like to work within the music industry as an artist and a songwriter.

Vanisha said: “I was sent an email from Echo Factory saying Sam Bailey was visiting and a meet and greet would take place.”

Sam has a lot of support from her fans and the evening began with a display of her album and posters, with loads of excited fans filling up the venue with her music playing in the background.

Vanisha said: “It was so cute to see a little five-year-old girl all excited and ready to see Sam Bailey. It just shows how many people she has influenced, from a range of ages.”

Sam began the show with an exclusive live set of her forthcoming single releases, followed by a question and answer from the audience.

“Her voice is effortlessly powerful and she told us that she didn’t need vocal coaching on X Factor.” Vanisha stated.

The audience were delighted to hear her new music and erupted into applause after her performance.

Vanisha said: “She’s so natural at what she does and she maintained a good connection with us whilst performing, even by talking to us halfway through her set.”

There was also an opportunity for attendees to meet Sam in person, with the star offering advice to the aspiring young talent, take photographs and to discuss various music industry points.

Vanisha stated: “I got really shy when I went to meet her, but she was welcoming and was more than happy to take pictures with me and speak to me.”

“I told her that she visited my secondary school in 2014, where she attended an assembly where I was performing a song without me knowing and she remembered!”

She greeted her fans and answered a variety of questions, to do with the positives and negatives of being part of the TV show and how to make sure you are confident in your music journey, before making any huge decisions.

Vanisha said: “She was very down to earth and honest with her responses, as she told us advice about when signing a record deal, to make sure you read every single detail and even the fine print.”

Being humble and grateful to everyone no matter what stage in life you are at, will make you a better person and a better musician, which will have a positive impact on the record label companies, when wanting to seek for opportunities.

“Sam Bailey made me realise that getting into the music industry isn’t as easy and glamorous and that you will make mistakes first, in order to succeed.” Vanisha stated.

The idol revealed how she is like any other human being, a mother who just wants to provide the best for her family.

“She is now a strong, independent artist who now has control over her own career.” Vanisha added.

Her insightful talk influenced the audience, leaving them with hopeful prosperities for their futures, within a music career.

“I wasn’t a fan at first, but it was a breath-taking experience meeting Sam Bailey, as I have found out so much about her which amazed me.”

This event helped those who were eager to discover more about the producers, music, cultural and creative industries and Sam Bailey’s journey.

“She has inspired me to become a better musician and I can’t wait to see what’s next for myself, in my very own music journey.” Vanisha stated.