DMU Game Dev Society has successful Global Game Jam

By Mickey Evans

DMU-GDS together for a group photo

The DMU Game Dev Society have finished seven games in about 48 hours during their Global Game Jam.

The event took place over two days, from the 20th of January to the 22nd, in the Bede Island lecture hall.

The Global Game Jam is a huge event, where people from all over the world meet in large groups to work together and make video games.

Usually, this is a lengthy process which requires, programmers, artists and animators working around the clock.

Although mainly consisting of amateurs, the society and its teams managed to pull together and create the games.

The event also included a visit from Domino’s Pizza, who surprised the overworked developers with towers of pizza.

Fern Kelly, Artist, said: “I thought it’d be more stressful then it was; making a game in 48 hours sort of sounded almost impossible to me, and it really wasn’t because of the little community.”

George Oliver Mcdonagh, programmer, added: “This has been my third game jam with the society now and everyone seems to be getting better and better.

“There were some really cool games both aesthetically speaking and from a programmer’s point of view.”

The society are very impressed with the results of the Jam, and are even planning to host a third event, in which the topic will be voted on by society students.

You can play 6 of the games at

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