Leicester poets aid in new program to encourage poetry with locals.

A local library in Leicester is housing a new program with the help of writers.

16229601_1278092058916047_170471310_oLeicester Central Library, on Bishop Street, has begun a new program to encourage poetry to the public.

The program, named “Write on” included frequent sessions focusing on poetry r
eadings on the third Wednesday of every month.

The sessions do not provide attendees with qualifications, but it does mean that people can come to listen to and learn more about the vibrant world of poetry.

These sessions, whilst hosted by the library, will be led by actual published poets native to Leicester.

The editor of the anthology would also include a comparison of poetry by the editor.

Matthew Vaughn, the development librarian of Leicester Central said that the program was going to be run by local poets.

He said: “The focus of the sessions are the poems in the “Welcome to Leicester” anthology.

“It’s not a course, each of the poets attending wrote a piece for that anthology, and they will be reading their works.”

The sessions could also include future workshops translating poems from foreign countries.

However there are also other events at the library.

On Thursday afternoons, the library hosts a foreign languages session for anyone wishing to learn a new language.

Future sessions of the Write On showcase are on 5th February and the 15th March, and are from 7-9pm to anyone interested.

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