Frustrated driver launches petition to cut cost of car insurance


by Liam Smalley

A teenager from Leicestershire has launched an online petition in the hope of cutting car insurance prices for newly-qualified drivers.

Jonathon Batson, 18, recently passed his driving test and was shocked when he was quoted £1,900 for his first year of driving.

He said, “It’s ridiculous, I’m working part time on a zero-hour contract whilst paying for university, it makes me regret learning to drive.”

According to the average cost of motor insurance for the 17-22 age group is estimated to be £1,277.

Jonathon, pictured, “When you spend every penny you have on buying the car, how do they expect you to afford an amount like that.

Jonathon currently owns a 2001 model, 1.3 Ford Fiesta and thinks the price quoted is too much.

“That’s why I started the petition, to help people like me and to put an end to the extortionate prices that we’re given.”

Jonathon’s petition has gained over 10,000 supporters in just over a week, and he is hoping it is the first to be discussed in parliament.

Jonathon, “I’ve seen petitions like this before, but they never make it to the 100,000 mark needed to be discussed in parliament.

“I really hope it makes it, because it’s an issue that affects so many young drivers.”

The government has commented on this issue before stating: “Responsibility for setting premiums rests with insurers.”

But Jonathon doesn’t believe that those in power are completely powerless, when made aware of this statement he said: “That’s ridiculous, the Scottish government manage to cover university fees, yet our government aren’t able to help spare us a few quid when it comes to insurance.”

Jonathon has decided to put a halt to his driving career and focus on his academic studies, at least for the time being.

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