Christmas tree gets second round of complaints

By Vicki Connelly

Residents of Leicester are complaining for a second time about how the city’s Christmas tree still appears to be ‘unfinished’.

When the tree first went up, the city council revealed that they had struggled with heavy tinsel, which was why it stood at an angle.

A second attempt at decorating the tree was completed in time for the Christmas light switch on, which took place on Thursday November 17, but the council were still receiving complaints, despite the fact that the heavy tinsel had been removed.

The big switch on was attended by an estimated 20,000 people, with some saying that the tree still didn’t appear to look right.

Leanne Duffy, 37, said: “I think that’s the worst I have ever seen the tree look, and I don’t understand why.

“It looked lovely last year, but this year it just seems as if someone has thrown lights at it and that was that.”

She added: “I always look forward to Christmas, but seeing that was an absolute joke, it’s just as well the lights look pretty.”

Mick Swan, 59, who had come from Birmingham to be with his grandchildren for the switch on, said: “I do find it quite embarrassing for Leicester, and I was definitely expecting to see a lot more than a tree with a few lights wrapped messily around it.

“I came over to Leicester so I could spend the light switch on with my three grandchildren and my daughter, and although the kids thought it was magical, I thought it was a complete mess.”

He added: “I thought that because it’s been such a big year for Leicester, especially after winning the Premier League, they would want to keep celebrating that and go all out, but obviously not.”

A spokesperson for Leicester City Council said: “Around 20,000 people enjoyed the switch on of the Christmas lights in the city centre, and we also had some excellent feedback from the people that attended.

“Sadly, it seems that you can’t please everyone, but we hope that thousands more people enjoy the rest of our Christmas activities.”

There will be various activities in Leicester throughout the festive period such as Santa’s Log Cabin Experience, held in the Highcross Shopping Centre, and a Christmas family fun day.

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