Students discuss ideal places for food

Reporter Muhsin Cabdi asked DMU students about their ideal places to eat. Here is their response:


Best food places for students

Reporter Gideon Umunna goes into the DMU campus to find out the best food places for students.


Where is the best place to eat on campus

Alice Warner interviewed students studying at DMU asking them where is the best place to eat. There is only a small handful of places to eat on campus, but everyone had a different view.


Where is the best place to eat on campus?

Jas Singh interviewed students on what their preferred places to eat at DMU.


Students advise their 17-year-old selves to get the best out of university

Our reporter, Lucy Billington-Groom, went out and asked students what they would want their 17 year old selves to know in order to get the best experience at university.