WWF raise awareness in Leicester

By Luke Hawker

WWF fundraisers came to Leicester City Centre this Thursday to raise awareness for endangered wildlife.

The World Wide Fund for Nature organisation (WWF) was set up to stop the degradation of the planets natural environment, and without the generous donations, their great work would not be possible.

Tom Gilday, charity fundraiser for WWF said: “We are in Leicester today to help raise wwfawareness about the dangers animals face out there in the wild, especially the dangers of poachers, the main goal for today is to try and speak to as many people as possible.

“If we find even 10 people and get the word out there that will be great.”

The urgent need for donations are highlighted by the alarming fact that in the last 100 years the tiger population has declined by 95%.

People can support the WWF by donating money to the foundation, which goes towards training a ranger, funding their equipment as well as many other vital causes.

A donation of as little as £5 will equip a ranger with essential first aid kit.

Tom said: “There is a wide range of ways people can help the WWF foundation, hopefully we can get some people to adopt an animal today, we want to try and provide a service for the WWF team”

“Today we are in Leicester but we go to different locations usually of a 10 mile radius of Leicester and so far it has been a success.”

The extraordinary work of members of the WWF has so far helped to protect the environment and wildlife for over 50 years and still their work is still far from complete.

However fantastic progress is being made, as the wild tiger, a much targeted animal by poachers, has increased in numbers in India by 20% to over 2,200 and they are up 60% in Nepal since 2009.

The work of the WWF does not just stop at helping wildlife, they also battle climate change, deforestation as well as sustainable resources.

For more information about the great work the World Wide Fund for Nature organisation (WWF) do and how you can make a difference visit: http://www.wwf.org.uk

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