Zombies take over Leicester

By Ethan Gardner and Ben Copelin

The world’s longest running Zombie festival returns to Leicester this weekend.

The festival, which started in Leicester back in 2006, comes back to the Phoenix Cinema on Saturday night.

This year’s Zombie fest looks set to be the biggest of its kind, when extravagant costumes meet the best Zombie cinema has to produce. From Dawn of the Dead to Resident Evil, festival goers will have 13 hours of international zombie motion picture to enjoy while meeting other undead enthusiasts.

Professional makeup artist Gavin Gore will be turning mortals into undead corpses, so get in there early as there will be a prize for the best costume.

Other activities are optional, with an ‘arcade of the dead’ for a chance to play classic zombie video games. For more information, call 0116 242 2800 or email at