Leicester resident complains about match day street parking

By Vicki Connelly

An annoyed Leicester resident, Jane Robinson, is fed up of both football and rugby fans clogging up her street on match days.

The 55-year-old, who lives on her own, feels as though she cannot go out in her car on a match day because she would not be able to get her space back.

Jane, who lives on Wordsworth Road, a side street off Welford Road, does not mind the sports fans parking on the road but believes that they take advantage, with some people even parking across her driveway.

Jane said: “It isn’t just me that is annoyed with this, my neighbours are as well.

“I’m so happy that Leicester City are doing so well, but it’s not fair on people like me that live within walking distance of the King Power stadium.

“Just last week, Leicester City were playing at home on the Saturday, and I went out to do my weekly shop in my car. I got back an hour later, and I couldn’t get back into my drive way because someone had presumably parked in front of it so they could walk to the ground. I had the same problem on the Sunday because Leicester Tigers were also playing at home, so I felt like I just couldn’t go out at all.”

However, street parking seems to be the cheapest option for sports fans, with some car parks charging £5 to park for the duration of a match.

Ross Hardy, 46, who has been a season ticket holder at Leicester City Football Club since 2006, has always parked on Welford Road and its side roads, without any problems.

Ross said: “I have always used the street parking, and I have never been told that it’s a problem.

“I use it because it’s not too far to walk, and I can’t justify spending £5 for an hour and a half football match.”

He added: “The club do offer match day parking, but it’s £16 per space, and I would much rather have to walk to the ground from Welford Road than pay that, especially when I’m already paying a big sum of money for my season ticket.”

Although there is no rule against street parking, restrictions are in place for the roads surrounding both the King Power and Welford Road stadiums.

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