Bollywood Society auditions for national competition

By Mel Hawes

De Montfort University Bollywood Society held open auditions on Wednesday night as they prepare to compete in a national competition.

The university team were looking for dancers to compete alongside 25 other universities in Battle of Bollywood.

Vice President, Aashni Sawjani said: “As this is our first time, our priority it to represent DMU and just to have a good time, which is why we’ve held open auditions and invited everyone to come along.”

Auditions were held on Wednesday night for all dancers, with a wide range of experience across the board. The society were looking for dancers who were ‘willing to adapt, learn and have a passion for dancing’.

The session was aimed at giving dancers a taste of Bollywood dancing whilst still being challenging and giving them the opportunity to showcase their dance skills. Over thirty people attended the auditions, they were all keen to give the ‘new and challenging style’ a try.

Auditionee, Ashleigh Henry said: “This is a completely new style to me, I’m not quite used to it but I’m so pleased that I came along and that the society has given other dancers the opportunity to take part in this and hopefully the competition.”


Battle of Bollywood is only in its third year after being created by The Turi Group, an events management company.

The event will be judged by renowned Bollywood choreographer, Terence Lewis who is well known in India for judging televised dance shows. Each university team is given an actress or an actor, which they then perform to their songs.

DMU have been given the actress, Nargis Fakhri who is relatively new on the Bollywood scene. This poses a challenge to the group as there is a smaller amount of songs to choose from.

Aashni added: “To be part of such a big scale event and to make it through to even being able to compete, when we are only in our fifth year of being a society is such a big achievement for us.”

To make the event go viral organisers have asked competitors to make a video of themselves dancing inside a car which they will share on social media as well as being the opening to their choreographed routine.

The group will travel to London in March to take part in the competition.

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