Will you make it out of the Leicester Escape Asylum alive this Halloween?

By Luke Hawker

This Halloween be prepared for the fright of your life with the most uniquely terrifying experience at Escape Asylum.

escape-asylum-pictureIts impressive venue located on 14 St Martins Square, offers a real-world life and death experience for you to participate in – the first of its kind in Leicester.

Dan Walford, Events Director at Escape Asylum, said: “Escape Asylum is an immersive escape room experience, we have two games Hostage or Asylum, in Hostage you are chained-up blindfolded and put into the dark, you’ve got an hour to work together to find keys, look for puzzles, solve riddles, and get out before the place blows up.

“Then our scary one, which is especially going down a storm with Halloween, you’re in an abandoned asylum, the spirits have trapped you in, and it’s more of a murder mystery for you to get out of there in time.”

The Horror-themed challenge can have between two and eight participants, people of all ages have taken part, whether you are an adrenaline junkie or not, ranging from families, couples, first dates and students, but there are no guarantees all will return in one piece.

The ordeal much like Crystal Maze, is essentially an intelligence test with a race against the clock, but with just an hour and under extreme pressure, many have fallen victim to the Escape Asylum.

Dan said: “The best reaction we’ve had was last week, a girl had to sprint out the room in tears because she was scared of the asylum room, she was fine after a couple of minutes and went back in, and they actually got a really good time and escaped quite well.

“But the funniest by far is when you have grown men taking part and they’re shivering with fear which is hilarious.”

Escape Asylum is far from your standard Halloween pop-up shop but open all year round and has many surprises, especially this week.

Dan said: “Of course there are cinemas, bars and lots of things to do, but this is quite a new concept and people like to do that something a little bit different, especially because it’s such a laugh at the same time.

“We get a lot of people asking what the fastest time is and they’ll come in and try to beat it.”

Rub off that fake blood, take off those masks and have a real Halloween experience. For more information visit: www.escapeasylum.co.uk

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