Leicester job fair attracts more than 400 jobseekers

thumbnail_img_2632Curve theatre set the stage for Leicester’s latest job fair today which saw the likes of Santander, Bodyshop and many other companies setting up stalls to look for their latest employees.

The job fair was organised by MGMT Media Ltd which has been responsible for three Leicester-based job fairs this year alone.

The fair started at 10am and accumulated more than 400 visitors when it finished around 2pm.

MGMT Media Ltd’s next job fair is set to commence on February 22, 2017.

Manager of the jobs fair, Nick White said: “It’s been a hugely successful fair, we’ve had involvement from over 15 different clientele companies and interest from the public has been absolutely phenomenal.

“It was great to see the most aspirational candidates being offered over the table jobs.”

Updates on upcoming jobs fairs which will be hosted by MGMT Ltd can be found under the twitter handle @Thejobfairs and also on their website: thejobsfair.co.uk

By Jason Cowlishaw


  1. Nick Lockett says:

    Hello Leicestershire Press.

    My name is Nick Lockett, and I’m an deditorial photographer. I have freelanced or worked on the staff of regional evening newspapers, nationals, and magazines, and I was Chief Photographer and Head of Pictures at ITV, the broadcaster. Wow, what an interesting site. I enjoyed reading all the well written stories. Well done one and all.

    My area of interest is photographs in the media. I have seen some good pictures on your site today – but the two things I would say are:

    1.) Just as the best stories have an ‘angle’, a peg on which you hang the big story, so an editorial photograph should have a strong angle or line too. For example, in Jason Cowlishaw’s story ‘Leicester job fair attracts more than 400 jobseekers’, about the job fair at The Curve – I think the story would have been stronger with a more interesting angle i.e. tell it from the point-of-view of a real jobseeker, so have a quote from a jobseeker talking about what they got out of it, and give that more weight than the quote from the man who organised it (the quote from the man who organised it could have come from a press release…). Following the same line, the photograph would have been far far stronger / more eye-catching if it was a bold image of that jobseeker that was quoted – an picture of them at the fair enthusiastically looking at information, shot from behind the stand from the point-of-view of the organiser. The image used was very distant, loose, and without an angle.

    2.) Always get in closer. Shoot to fill the frame. If a photo looks boring you probably aren’t close enough. Get in there.

    I enjoyed your site. Good work. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

    Nick Lockett / Photographer

    • Nick, thanks very much for your kind comments, and for your extremely useful advice, which I will pass on to our journalism students, especially the author of the story.
      Best wishes
      Brian Dodds (Senior Lecturer)

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