The second major result

But solid Labour Sunderland votes 60-40 for Leave.

With five results in Leave are ahead by 3,000 votes.

Could the polls have underestimated the Leave vote as they underestimated the Conservative vote in last year’s general election?

In the end the only poll that counts is the actual poll and at the moment that’s looking  good to the Leave camp. But there are still a lot of results to come.

Still far too close to call.

Marginal Swindon votes to leave by 10,000.

First UK result

Newcastle votes Remain by 65,404 to 63,598. Close.

51-49 per cent on a 68 per cent turnout.

Top pollster John Curtice says this should give Remain cause for concern. He also says turnout is high in areas with a lot of pensioners and the elderly are more likely to vote Leave.

Does this mean the early predictions of a Remain win are now in doubt?

The first result

19,322 people in Gibralter vote to Remain 96 per cent. 823 or 4 per cent vote to Leave. It’s likely to be a lot closer than that closer to home.

Farage says whoever wins this battle, anti-Europeans are winning the war. He adds that Eurosceptic genie is out of bottle ‘and it’s not going to go away’.

Farage says Government’s extension of voter registration by 48 hours may have tipped the balance by adding two million more voters onto the ballot.

Newcastle about to declare a Remain victory.


The EU Referendum – the BIG vote

People obviously care about this issue. Turnout in Gibralter is over 80 per cent.

Turnout in Kettering  was 76 per cent in today’s referendum, up from 67 per cent at last year’s general election. Lots of people are clearly really interested in this.

The EU Referendum – Waiting for the decision

The BBC’s visual pyrotechnics have Jeremy Vine very excited as usual. He says areas with greater numbers of graduates are more likely to vote Remain.

Nigel Farage has apparently ‘unconceded’ but not before The Sun’s front page carried his apparent original verdict. That’s a great new word coined tonight.

Meanwhile top Tory Leaver Chris Grayling says he has seen polls saying Leave has won.

84 Tory MPs begin to try to heal their very split party by signing a letter calling on Cameron to stay as PM whatever the result.

Tory Northern Ireland Secretary and prominent Leaver Theresa Villiers has apparently conceded Remain has won.