Exiles of Elysium: inside their new EP

With Exiles of Elysium set to release their debut EP, vocalist, Andrew Horton tells Emily Paget what fans can expect from their upcoming release. 

Exiles of Elysium inside their EP Stories - image 2 - album cover

Exiles of Elysium’s new EP, Stories.

“The first track is Alone and it’s the one song that’s less heavier than the others,” Andrew explains. “It’s about depression, knowing that there’s always help and a way to bring yourself back up.

“It wasn’t created with the intention of being heavy but more of a release and comfort feel,” Andrew adds. “It’s meant to have the most meaningful lyrics, and it’s very melodic from start to finish.

“My favourite line is, ‘I’d rather feel the cold, than feel nothing at all’ as it’s got a deeper meaning because when you’re cold, you can always find a way to warm up. But if you don’t feel anything, you won’t ever come back from it.”

The second track on Stories, is one that will be familiar to fans as it’s their first single off their EP, Thirteen.

“It’s about trying your hardest but never feeling like it was good enough,” Andrew said. “But you never give up and to those that drag you down, it’s a big f*** you to them. You do what makes you happy, regardless of how others make you feel.”

The third track to feature is Solitude, a song that was based on the personal struggles of the band and how they’re stronger because of it.

“It’s a song that stands out to most of us in the band,” Andrew said. “It’s got a variety of styles incorporated into it, from a melodic intro to a ‘chuggy’ and bouncy chorus, with fast-paced riffs and drums and a slow ending.

It acts as such a release and comfort to us, especially when performing this live.”

The heaviest song on the EP comes from the fourth track Cursed.

“It’s written in a different style to the others, it’s not about a traumatic experience but about dealing with anger,” Andrew explains. “There’s never a dull moment within this song, it’s constantly upbeat and delivering a massive punch. The power that comes out of everyone when playing this is immense!”

The final track, Prevailer, has the most prominent message about staying positive despite what happens.

“Don’t let anybody bring you down, let them try their hardest, but they won’t succeed,” Andrew said. “It’s about you having your friends and family, those you love with you at all times, through thick and thin.”

The band haven’t stated an official release for their debut EP, but have hinted at a 2016 release date. But fans can grab their single Thirteen on iTunes now or stream it on Spotify.

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