Astonishing Piano Performance

MoultonHaving played piano since the age of four, Tom Moulton amazed everyone with his performance in Leicester’s Highcross shopping centre, delivering a blockbuster tune. He shared his experience with Sabah Abdi

Tom Moulton from Barwell astonished everyone in Leicester Highcross shopping centre when he belted out the tune from the blockbuster Titanic.

A Tesco van driver by day and a passionate pianist by night 22-year-old Tom Moulton from Barwell first started playing piano at the age of four.

He says: “I never took any piano lessons. I had one of those keyboard pianos made of plastic that most kids back then had. I always wanted to play, no one ever forced me to, I love and I enjoy the experience.

While shopping with his mum an afternoon in Leicester’s Highcross shopping mall, Tom saw the white piano and decided to play on it.

Tom was a tad hesitant to perform, as the shopping centre was crowded with shoppers. He began cautiously tapping on the keys and looked at his mum who was recording him. He gradually increased in confidence and delivered an amazing cover piece of ‘My heart will go on’ from Titanic, the movie.

His mum later posted the video on Facebook and ever since, Tom has received thousands of messages praising his talent. A comment by Shelly Ann Holmes read: “Gave me goose bumps, sounds amazing, now wanting to watch the movie again.”

The Mail Online also posted the video on YouTube and that attracted about 8000 views. According to the Leicester Mercury, his performance has been viewed over 150 000 times.

Since then, Tom has started his own music page on Facebook called ‘Tesco Tom Music’ which has 736 likes. He regularly posts videos where he is playing piano, or singing songs that he has practiced

He said: “I would much appreciate if everyone could share this with their friends and family, and if they could ‘Like’ my page.”

The comments that the general public left under his video on Facebook reflected how amazing and breath-taking it was to everyone that listened to it. Tom plays that tune with all his heart, it means so much to him as it is the first song he ever played in public. He said: “I haven’t played this tune in about 4 to 5 years, it felt so magical, I just hope everyone feels the same listening to this, it was the first song I have ever learnt.”

The 22 year old use to play a lot when he lived with his parents.

Tom said: “I have been contacted by so many people, telling me how much they have enjoyed it, encouraging me to start playing again.

“It is so good to have all those positive reactions.”

Tom has taught himself to play and never really learned to read music. He has a God-sent natural gift.

A natural talent, Tom can play almost everything he hears on the piano. He is at the moment learning “Hello” by Adele; and is planning to post it on his page. He says “I also have two other hobbies which are acting and horse riding.”

Tom Moulton describes himself as being a hard working individual, but also know how to have a laugh.

He said: “I have always enjoyed music from a young age as it is something I have always been surrounded with.”

The young Tom Moulton is a true inspiration to so many young adults and teenagers alike, to pursue their dreams in music.

To keep up to date with Tom Moulton’s activities go to his official facebook page; Tesco Tom Music

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