Gone but never forgotten: Leicester honours tragic victims in heartfelt Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony

Holocaust-memorial-usti-nad-labemBy Kerri Stevenson

People from all walks of life from local school children to councillors representing a range of different communities descended on Fraser Noble Hall on Holocaust Memorial Day last Wednesday to remember the tragic victims of the holocaust and subsequent genocides.

The event took place from 7am to 9pm and was free of charge and open to members of the public of all ages. Several people taking part gave informative speeches and presentations both to educate the public about the horrific events that took place during the Second World War and to remember and honour the victims.

The memorial was organised by the Holocaust Memorial Day Event committee in conjunction with the Leicester Council of Faiths, Leicester County Council and Leicester University’s Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, along with many schools from the city and the surrounding county that were also invited to take part.

Council of Faiths coordinator Ajay Aggarwal said: “This event provided an opportunity for everyone not only to remember the victims of the holocaust and subsequent genocides but also to celebrate our diversity and differences which are sometimes used as reasons to separate us.”

The event was a great success as more than 130 people attended, including important persons such as the Lord Mayor of Leicester, Police and Crime Commissioner, Chair Council of Faiths, the City Mayor of Leicester and many other faith leaders and organisations.

Highlights of the event included live music from students of English Martyrs RC School, a film made by local young people and the presentation of prizes to the winners of the Leicester Schools Art Competition.

Mr Aggarwal said of the ceremony: “It was very successful and the most important part of it in my opinion was a presentation by a panel of young people who had visited Auschwitz.”

If you have any further questions about this event or would like to provide feedback, please contact Mr Aggarwal on 01162546868 or send an email to info@leicestercounciloffaiths.org.uk.

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