The Death and Reincarnation of Video Game Retail

The last bastions of video game retail stand defiant in the face of changing markets but Oliver Huxtable asks how will this battle end and what will it mean for the way players access their games?   For many of us, the high street branches of our local Game stores have been seen as a […]

An audience with Cristi Bratu – a dancer destined to dazzle

By Alexandru Bratu   The spotlight is on young dancer Cristian Bratu as he looks ahead to taking on his most difficult role yet – a student aiming for life on centre stage. “Sometimes I have a think about what life would be like if I didn’t choose ballet, but I am happy with my […]

Our modern Christmas: who is it really for?

Christmas cheer? That’s not what Amanda Hemmings can hear. She shares her view on what the holiday season has become and why we should change our attitudes. I have to keep a straight face. I can’t crack. This is my job. And it’s Christmas time soon. I mustn’t frown at children at Christmas. Even if that […]