Leicester residents criticise Cameron’s airstrike plans


Leicester residents have spoken out against David Cameron’s airstrike debate in parliament this Wednesday.

The issue will see MPs vote on whether to commence airstrikes against Syria.

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Leicester residents have their say in the city – click here to hear their views 

Mark Hunt, Retail Assistant, 29, said: “It makes me nervous to think that we are retaliating in such a way that it would make ISIS even more angry.”

Amie Chapman, Deputy President of Education at De Montfort Student Union also criticises Cameron’s plans.

“We have to make sure that it is a multi-facetted approach because terrorism isn’t something you can just solve over night.”

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However, Mike Phillips, Retired Carpet Department Manager, 78, says: “If we do go in and strike, drop bombs and kill people, the ISIS will probably retaliate.

“On the other hand, if we don’t join the forces and make a collation and do our part in trying to wipe out the IS then we shall be frowned upon by the other members who are going in.”



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