Free De Montfort IT sessions support Leicester community



IT4Free began again this month with Square Mile volunteers providing basic IT training to communities around Leicester.

The sessions, which take place at Woodgate Resources Centre and Fosse Neighbourhood Centre on Wednesdays (1.45-3.45pm) and Tuesdays (9am-noon) respectively, aim teach a variety of core computer skills.

Thomas Bannister, 20, a supervisor of the scheme and second year Computer Science student, said:  “So far everyone has said the sessions really helped them so it has been very successful.

“The volunteers have been extremely helpful and it is brilliant to have students from a variety of courses.

“Anyone can come in and ask any query that they can think of and we will do our best to help.”

The project began in 2011 and has so far helped dozens of people of different ages and technical ability with tasks such as email, using Facebook and buying online.

Janet Docherty, 67, a retiree, said:  “I think this was a really good idea where you got one-to-one time with a nice person who explains a lot of different things.

“I did not really want to go into a class because it would be like going back to school so it is lovely that people are prepared to give up their time.

“I have so much technology sitting there waiting to be used and my grandchildren said ‘come on, get smart’, so this is a new start for me.”

The first session was held last week and this week saw many people return to Woodgate Resources Centre with further questions for Square Mile Volunteers.

Sabina Patel, 19, a second year Accounting and Finance student, said:  “I love helping people so IT4Free was perfect to get involved in.

“I heard about DMU Square Mile though some friends who did it last year and loved it so I thought I would try it to.”

Students who get involved will receive free IT training along with a Higher Education Achievement Report and a Square Mile certificate.

For more information or to get involved with IT4Free visit

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