Angry villagers fight on against new housing

By Uzair Ghodawala

Angry villagers in Leicester are fuming over the decision to give planning permission to build 1500 new houses.

The proposal by Charnwood Borough Council, which was first made 11 years ago, affects the green fields separating Birstall from Rothley on the A46.

On Monday night the planning permission was accepted.

Simon Sansome, who started a petition against the plans in December 2014, said: “Local residents have been complaining for years about congestion and how bad the traffic has been.

“There would be traffic issues because there will not be any new roads built and with 1500 new houses it will only get worse.

“There isn’t a local community centre or leisure centre either so having 1500 new homes would congest the area further.”

The online petition against the proposal needs 500 signatures online and it has passed its halfway point.

Already 270 signatures have been made and another 500 were collected at a stall by hand in December, taking the total to 770 so far.

The petition is available on the website.

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