Leicester Centre for Journalism welcomes new students

Scores of Journalism students attended a welcome event at The Leicester Centre for Journalism this afternoon.

Programme Leader John Dilley welcomed both Single and Joint Honours students to De Montfort University and gave them a brief overview of what to expect in their first few weeks at uni. The Journalism team were introduced and details of the personal tutor system explained.

John said: “It was great to be able to meet so many Journalism students early in Induction Week and share some useful joining information which we hope will make their transition to University an even more enjoyable experience. Myself and the rest of the Journalism team are really looking forward to working with everyone over the coming weeks and months on what we believe is a really exciting programme.”

Both sessions included a talk by Demon Media’s editor in chief Adam Redfern, Deputy editor Emily Frost and online editor Ben Howgill who encouraged everyone to get involved in student media, be it online, in print for through Demon FM and Demon TV.

The Single Honours group also had a talk from second year students Olivia Whaley, Nicky Payne and Connor Watson, offering the freshers practical advice on how to get the most out of the NCTJ programme, including tips on shorthand success, media law and balancing studies with student life. They even shared candid opinions about their Journalism tutors.

There was a briefing on MyDMU, Blackboard and the Library and an opportunity for questions, which included queries about timetables.

The information event was intended to help get the new recruits settled into life at DMU and will be followed up with a fun Journalism Taster Session on Thursday morning followed by Personal Tutorials for all First year students on Thursday afternoon.

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