Leicester Centre for Journalism welcomes new students

Scores of Journalism students attended a welcome event at The Leicester Centre for Journalism this afternoon.

Programme Leader John Dilley welcomed both Single and Joint Honours students to De Montfort University and gave them a brief overview of what to expect in their first few weeks at uni. The Journalism team were introduced and details of the personal tutor system explained.

John said: “It was great to be able to meet so many Journalism students early in Induction Week and share some useful joining information which we hope will make their transition to University an even more enjoyable experience. Myself and the rest of the Journalism team are really looking forward to working with everyone over the coming weeks and months on what we believe is a really exciting programme.”

Both sessions included a talk by Demon Media’s editor in chief Adam Redfern, Deputy editor Emily Frost and online editor Ben Howgill who encouraged everyone to get involved in student media, be it online, in print for through Demon FM and Demon TV.

The Single Honours group also had a talk from second year students Olivia Whaley, Nicky Payne and Connor Watson, offering the freshers practical advice on how to get the most out of the NCTJ programme, including tips on shorthand success, media law and balancing studies with student life. They even shared candid opinions about their Journalism tutors.

There was a briefing on MyDMU, Blackboard and the Library and an opportunity for questions, which included queries about timetables.

The information event was intended to help get the new recruits settled into life at DMU and will be followed up with a fun Journalism Taster Session on Thursday morning followed by Personal Tutorials for all First year students on Thursday afternoon.

Students discuss what they love about university

Alison Hart

University students tell all about their favourite parts of uni life.

For any freshers who want to see what they have to look forward to, this video gives the juicy details.

Included in the video is 21-year-old Ceara Dunn who studies drama and theatre studies at DMU, who especially loves living with her friends in shared accommodation.

As well as Ceara there is Sociology student Georgina, who loves learning new things.

So to discover the best parts of uni life, look no further than this video.

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DMU netball call out for new members

Beth Smith 


As the new year begins, DMU netball make a bid to attract fresh members.

Players from teams one to five share their views on their favourite thing about being a part of DMU netball in an attempt to showcase their club.

Beth Gilbert, 22, said: “All the girls come together as one, we train together, we go out together, even if we have got games we all support each other.”

A sports fair will be held on Thursday to give newcomers a chance to witness what netball has to offer for themselves.Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.43.03Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.43.37Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.44.00Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.44.27Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.44.56

DMU student preparing to bring Disorder to fashion industry

Despite the fact that she is yet to even graduate, one Journalism student at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has secured herself a job with fashion magazine Disorder.

Samantha Jagger, who has only recently completed her final year studying DMU’s NCTJ accredited Journalism course, has managed to find the ideal job with Disorder magazine by combining her love for fashion with her passion for journalism.

Disorder Magazine is an independent youth magazine featuring the best in new fashion, music, art, technology and film.

Samantha, who had done some work for Disorder prior to being offered a full-time role, was offered a position as a Journalist and Stylist for the magazine.

She said: “I was asked a while ago to do a photoshoot for them which they really liked and told me that they wanted to take me on full-time. I’ve also been made editor of a monthly four page feature which I’m really excited about.

“DMU made it easy for me to tailor everything I did on the Journalism course towards fashion so at the end of it I came out with the relevant journalism qualifications but I also have experience in fashion on top of that.”

One of Samantha’s first responsibilities was to represent her new employers at Graduate Fashion Week in London, the world’s biggest student fashion event.

Speaking at the catwalks, Samantha added: “Everyone’s got a really good vibe at these places, there’s just so much passion about.

“If you want to get into fashion then these are the places to be because you have to network with people to make yourself known.”

Journalism student lands job before graduating

A journalism student from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has started a full-time job at a local newspaper even before graduating.



Katrina Chilver, 21, started this week as a trainee reporter at the Berkshire Media Group, which produces the Slough & South Bucks Observer, The Royal Borough Observer that covers Windsor and The Villager, all from their offices in Slough.

For Katrina, from Maldon in Essex, securing her ideal job came after only recently completing her final year studying DMU’s NCTJ-accredited Journalism course.

She said: “This was the second interview I went to and I got a really good feeling from the workplace and the people there – and then I found out I had got it!

“I have known since I started the course that this is what I want to do and to get the opportunity to work for a well-established newspaper that is at the heart of the community is exactly what I want to be doing.

“This is the perfect place to start for the career I see myself having.”

DMU’s Journalism courses have been accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) for almost 20 years and the undergraduate degree teaches students about reporting, subbing and design plus law and public affairs as well as shorthand.

Katrina added: “I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in journalism because it gives you first-hand experience and prepares you for the world of work.”

She also been news editor of the university’s student-led newspaper, The Demon, for the last two years and was Midlands officer for the national Student Publication Association and says the experience gained in both has been invaluable.

Tim Cole, editor of all four publications, said: “Katrina came in with a very well-rounded and balanced understanding of what is required in the multimedia age of journalism.

“We asked her to discuss the value, problems and advantages of print and social media and she came up with very interesting views for what works best in each format.

“She was particularly keen to serve in a local context and her attitude was something we saw would fit in well.”

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As for the importance of NCTJ qualifications, Mr Cole said: “That is vital. We go through all the candidates – and we had an awful lot – and immediately anyone who has not done the NCTJ-course is excluded as it is so important.”

Programme leader and senior journalism lecturer John Dilley, himself an experienced journalist and former newspaper and magazine editor, said: “We are all absolutely delighted that Katrina has got the job and in giving her a reference I said that she will make a brilliant addition to the newsroom.

“Katrina marked herself out from day one as someone who wanted to go the extra mile and she has demonstrated that throughout.

“Being on an NCTJ accredited course is a huge advantage because of the attention to reporting, shorthand and the opportunities it gives to get out into the real world.”

– See more at: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/about-dmu/news/2015/june/journalism-student-lands-job-before-graduating!.aspx#sthash.31vLbYcv.dpuf