Nightmare flight to New York

By Megan Colley
During the Easter break, a photography student had a nightmare flight to New York, with the flight lasting twice as long as it should have!
The 18 year old student, Katie Beechy, was flying from Heathrow airport, for a relaxing holiday to New York, which was supposed to be a six hour flight, but took 12 hours instead.
Katie claimed: “They tried to land three times in New York but because it was so foggy had to abort and go to Washington to re-fuel.”
Thankfully, Katie arrived safely in New York after a very disruptive flight, however initially it gave her quite a scare.
Katie said: “I was worried we wouldn’t be able to land safely.”
Despite doubts that the plane would not arrive in New York safely, the situation was dealt with well, considering the unfortunate circumstances.
The student seemed to remain calm about the situation, however many passengers were not at all pleased with the disruption.
Katie said: “Quite a few passengers were complaining about the length of the flight, but there was not a lot that could have been done.
 “I was just happy to finally arrive at our destination and look forward to the rest of my holiday.”
After a long and eventful 12 hours the flight landed in New York, six hours later than the initial arrival time, but at least no harm was done.
Katie was extremely relieved to finally get off the flight and enjoy her holiday in New York, she said: “It didn’t stop me enjoying my holiday.”
Katie had an amazing time in New York, and luckily there were no disruptions when flying back to the UK.
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