DSU Welfare is here to help!

By Megan Colleyimage
Do you ever feel like you can’t cope? Being a student can be extremely stressful and many fail to admit when they need help. The DSU Welfare is an advice centre available to support students with any queries about university; it is located on the first floor of the campus centre building.
DSU Welfare is a confidential service that provides support for academic, housing, money and immigration issues that many students query about.
The manager of DSU Welfare, Catherine Western, said: “DSU Welfare is the thing that keeps students on the course.”
Common queries dealt with by the centre include: problems with VISAs and immigration for international students, private sector housing such as issues with bills, repairs and checking contracts, in addition to dealing with complaints.
Catherine added that the centre “deals with about 6000 enquiries each year” meaning the centre is very busy at helping students deal with a wide range of issues that concern university.
The centre is part of the Students Union rather than the university meaning that they are independent which is a particular strength that the centre has.
There are currently four advisors working at the centre who offer support. Catherine said: “There is no conflict of interest, we are completely confidential.
“We provide a safe environment that produces good results.”
The centre aims to support students with many issues that can affect their academic work and are always happy to help.
The advice centre is available from Monday to Wednesday from 9:30-3:45, Thursday from 9:30-6:30 and Fridays from 1:00-3:45 on the first floor of the campus centre building.
If any personal issues affect you, DSU Welfare aims to support students in order to help them stay at university.
To contact DSU Welfare you can call 0116 257 6307 or visit the website for more information. You should not have to suffer alone so if you have any queries, help is always available.

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