Education watchdog to visit DMU

By Simran Gill
A watchdog organisation is set to come to De Montfort University this week to monitor its standards of education.
The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is a national body, monitoring the standards and qualities in UK higher education and only visits each institution once every five years.
A 10,000 word document has already been written and submitted to the QAA, of how the university is currently performing and what the students’ views are about the university.
Also in the document was information about the future direction of the university, current mistakes the university has and what actions are going to take place in order to correct them.
Amie Chapman, Deputy President of Education at the Student Union, said: “Once the QAA read the documents, they arrange to come to the university for one week and speak to staff and students.”
Amie added: “They will be meeting with 12 students ranging from undergraduates, postgraduates, research and from all faculties.”
The purpose of the QAA visiting the university is to see whether the responses given from the students match what the student responses were in the document that was sent to them.
Amie said: “I was honest in my document, so students can be critical.”
The document was shared with students and staff at council meetings and the ideal outcome of the results would be for the university to pass the inspection.
Amie stated: “The judgement is made on Friday, but we are a confident institution. As the QAA value honesty, we put forward an action plan of the mistakes and the improvements.”
If the university does well in the QAA review, then it will boost students’ chances of getting employed. The QAA is important for students to know about, so the action plan will help students to be more aware of it.
For more information about the QAA visiting DMU, contact
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