Apple Watch due in Leicester store on April 24

By Jessica Delannoy

The highly anticipated Apple Watch due to be released on April 24 has received a mixed reaction in Leicester.

Rumours about the Apple product have been circulating across the western hemisphere but Apple this week made it clear that the product is not called the ‘iWatch’, as many people assumed, but is indeed called the Apple Watch.

Michelle, 29, a sales assistant in the Apple Store, Leicester said: “We at Apple love the Watch and all its features and I’ll definitely be buying one. It’s highly anticipated as it’s a brand new type of product here, just like when we first launched the iPad so customers are very excited about the release.”

But Barry Weeks, 39, of Leicester described the Apple Watch release as ‘completely sad’. He said it was just a gimmick.

“Some people are mad enough to buy it and some people aren’t. I can buy myself a Bluetooth watch for 50 quid, people are just wasting money.”

The watch is said to come in multiple variants to appeal to many people such as a sport model, with leather or metallic straps and a Milanese edition. The 19 carat gold edition of the watch starts at £8,000, but the standard Apple Watch starts from £299.

The watch will go on sale in the UK from April 24 and customers will be able to try on the device in store from April 10. Advance appointments need to be booked.

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