Unemployment benefits to be earned through community work

by Mark Sheppard Unemployed young people will have to do community work to gain benefits if the Conservatives win the General Election in May. David Cameron has said all 18-21-year-olds who have been without a job, training or education for six months will no longer be able to claim benefits until they begin an apprenticeship […]

Live broadcast of Richard III’s burial to boost Leicester’s image

by Mark Sheppard The burial of Richard III will be broadcast live, putting Leicester back on the map as a city of character and personality. Following his remains being discovered beneath a Leicester car park in 2012 and a legal battle to allow him to be buried in the city, the former King of England […]

Apple Watch due in Leicester store on April 24

By Jessica Delannoy The highly anticipated Apple Watch due to be released on April 24 has received a mixed reaction in Leicester. Rumours about the Apple product have been circulating across the western hemisphere but Apple this week made it clear that the product is not called the ‘iWatch’, as many people assumed, but is […]

Campaign hits back at Westminster for lack of housing

by Cameron Titchmarsh A joint campaign aims to raise awareness of the on-going housing crisis that is affecting not just Leicestershire but the whole of Britain. Only 130,000 new houses are built each year when a predicted 240,000 new houses are needed. With the General Elections just weeks away the East Midlands Housing Group and […]

Businessman spent an unproductive week on jury duty after not being called up

  By Lucy Ross A Leicester businessman called up for jury service was left frustrated and out of pocket despite never being going into court. Clive Ross, 55 received his second and compulsory jury letter in January 2015 summoning him to Leicester Magistrates Country Court. Given six weeks notice, Clive had no choice but to […]