Leicester sex shop sales hopes soar after release of 50 Shades

By Bethany Smith
City sex shop Ann Summers, Leicester, is expecting sales to soar as Fifty Shades of Grey is released in cinemas.
With more than a quarter of profits increased since the release of the EL James’ books, the store is stocking up on all sex toys.
Assistant manager, Lisa Moore, said: “In the past we’ve definitely seen a rise in all things bondage and all toys used in the books, it’s a whole new craze and I’m sure it’ll spark up again now the film is out, we’re ready for it.”
The store has recently set up a section dedicated to Fifty Shades of Grey, which features board games and similar accessories to those seen in the film.
Miss Moore, said: “We’re expecting an influx of all kinds of people in the Fifty Shades area, it’s only been out a week or so but it’s already taking effect.”
The film, which was released on Valentines Day and sold out cinemas around the country, tells the story of a young couple, played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson that establish an intense sexual relationship.
Jade Bridie, 23, a customer in Ann Summers, said: “I don’t know what it is but once you see it on screen it just makes you want to see what all the fuss is about. I wouldn’t normally walk into a store like this and be interested but now it’s become more mainstream to do so.”

Leicester City historian offers students an insight to club’s past


By Dan Ableson

Students from DMU took a trip down memory lane last week in a Cultural Exchanges event that looked at the origins of Leicester City Football Club.

The club’s official archivist and historian, John Hutchinson, who was in conversation with Dr Neil Carter, of DMU’s International Centre for Sports History and Culture, took students through a ‘pictorial history’ of the club, tapping into the trials and tribulations they have had on the way.

Second-year Graphic Design student, Martin Shaffu, said: “It was a really interesting experience, there were a few passionate fans present and there was really a lot to learn.”

Members of the wider public were also present to see the presentation, which was taken from John’s new book ‘From Shed to Stadium’.

He continued: “Being a supporter for over ten years and to find more about the club was brilliant, to think that I have missed out on loads of the club’s history from past generations and how different it is compared to today.”

The presentation brought home many interesting facts spanning from the inception of the club in 1884 to present day, In particular the memorabilia that has been collected over the years.

“The depth of memorabilia that we saw was great, in particular there was an image of a clay pipe that has been around for over a century and the fox’s head which eventually inspired the teams crest.”

The event rounded Cultural Exchanges Week off in style sending many Foxes or should I say Knut’s fans home happy.

Oxfam searching for regular donors in Leicester

By Jordan Gillen

Oxfam are calling out for regular donors in Leicester to help them on their latest fresh water campaigns.

Workers for the UK’s leading global poverty charity took to the streets of Leicester today, asking for members of the public to spare some money to help the cause.

Dumic Maper, a senior Oxfam worker, said: “We are looking for regular donators to help us out. We don’t really do one-off donations anymore because there is no accountability for them.”

Oxfam currently work in more than 90 countries all over the world, including Ebola-stricken countries such as Sierra Leone and war-torn Nigeria.

Mr Maper said: “You must think that there are thousands of pounds out there but there isn’t. We rely solely on donations from other people.”

Oxfam claims to have transformed the lives of 11 million people last year thanks to all the donations they had.

Mr Maper said: “Nobody should have to be subjected to having no fresh water. It is a basic humanitarian right that everyone should be able to get their hands on.”

It takes just £2 a month to help provide the money required to help build fresh water wells to those in need of them and Mr Maper believes that everyone can do their bit.

He said: “You’re not going to notice £1 or £2 going out of your bank account every month. The money you give though will make a massive difference on the life of someone else.”

Oxfam will also be taking part in Red Nose Day 2015, where they will be selling red noses, pin badges and wristbands to support a number of projects across Africa.

DMU squashes Islamic misconceptions in Discover Islam Week

By Alison Hart
Discover Islam Week returns to De Montfort University today as members of the Islamic Society speak out about the misconceptions of the religion.

Students are setting up ‘dawah’, or invitation to understand, stalls outside the Campus Centre to teach people about Islam and its beliefs.

20-year-old Iffat Perviaz said: “When some people hear the word Islam, they associate it with terrorists and other negative thoughts. We are here to educate students about the religion and to get rid of the misconceptions. Islam encourages people to do good, not bad.”

Discover Islam is a charity based in London with the aim to ‘serve the non Muslim community in the UK by providing educational material about Islam.’

A series of events are being held in universities and colleges all over the country, including Leicester’s De Montfort, where activities are being held from 2nd-6TH March.

There are multiple talks throughout the week held by experts in the Hugh Aston building at 6.15pm about different topical subjects.

Issues covered include ‘why were we created?’ and ‘miracles in the Quran’ as well as misconceptions surrounding women wearing the hijab and much more.

On Friday, everyone who attends the talk will receive a free dinner afterwards in the DMU prayer room.

As well as educational talks, games and activities will be featured, such as writing positive messages about Islam on a banner that people have learnt over the week.

For more information head to https://www.facebook.com/DMUIslamicSociety or take a visit to the DMU Student Union.

Excitement and concern over brand new BrewDog bar in Leicester

Tom Gray and Ian Smith from Polar Bear holding BrewDog's Punk IPA

Tom Gray and Ian Smith from Polar Bear holding BrewDog’s Punk IPA

By Natasha Stapleton

There is excitement in the air this week for local craft beer lovers as BrewDog brewery have announced the launch of their new Leicester bar.

The craft beer bar, which opens in April, will be located on Friar Lane in the town centre, at the two-storey property formerly known as Will​s Bar.

Tom Gray, 27, from Scream pub Polar Bear on Oxford Street, said: “It’ll be a great gimmick for the city, we need more places like this in Leicester. It’ll be a bar that attracts people in their 30s or late 20s and not many Leicester bars do that.”

BrewDog announced that the horseshoe shaped bar was being converted on their website, along with ones in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton and a second in Leeds.

They posted on their website: “The curving bar gives us plenty of room to imminently load 20 draught taps for the drinking pleasure of all Leicesterians.”

As well as serving craft beers, the bar will feature a full BrewDog food menu, arcade games and vintage pinball machines, and will host various events and tastings.

There has been concern for bars such as Polar Bear, Soar Point, Queen of Bradgate and The Obar in Leicester that are already known for selling craft beers, on whether the new bar will take customers away or increase the amount of craft beer drinkers in the city.

Ian Smith, 27, also from Polar Bear, said: “We don’t think it’ll affect us, the target audience is completely different and our BrewDog bottled beers will be cheaper than the ones sold at the bar itself.

“It’ll possibly mean that more people will buy our BrewDog beers, their Punk IPA is our most popular craft beer we have on the bar.”

James Watt and Martin Dickie founded BrewDog in 2007; they opened their first BrewDog bar in their hometown of Aberdeen in 2010 and now have 26 open bars across the world.