A Fairtrade event is set to appeal to young people

fair-trade-300x300By Nathan Rodrigues

A city eco-movement is targeting children through an activity day to raise awareness, at the end of the month.

Leicester Fairtrade group will have a variety of stalls and cupcake decorating for children at the event in St. Martin’s Square on Saturday February 28.

The founder of Just Fairtrade, Sarah Shepherd, explained that they are continuously organising events and activities to inform people about the work of Fairtrade.

She said: “Many young people get into it because they tend to understand the concept of justice, and things not being fair, and like the idea of Fairtrade in principle.” In addition to this cupcake stall, there will be short clips and videos shown which will focus on the stories of farmers and producers who are supported by the Fairtrade movement.

Ms Shepherd explained that such events and activities will inform people about the work and values of the movement, with the recent launch of an event to increase awareness.

She said: “At the moment, there is an organised trail, where people have to identify Fairtrade alphabet letters in different shops, that have been produced by children from different schools, and they have to fill in a form to enter a prize draw.”

Ms Shepherd has visited many schools to inform of them of the movement, and found that they appreciated the work that Fairtrade do.

The organisation is concerned with supporting famers and producers in developing parts of the world, to ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity, in the aspects of their wages and working conditions.

The Leicester Fairtrade group is keen to organise more events and set up stalls, and is targeting young people as well to get involved and back the cause.

For more information about the events or the work of Fairtrade, people can log onto http://justfairtrade.com or visit the Just Fairtrade shop on Silver Street, Leicester.

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