Community Clean Up at Braunstone Park


Braunstone Park was transformed by a community clean-up event on Wednesday.

The initiative, put forward by Leicester City Council’s environmental crime team, was designed to help the community come together and achieve something which everybody could be a part of.

Andy Fairclough, who attended the clean-up on Wednesday, said: “I found the whole event therapeutic, it felt good to help my fellow locals tidy up after ourselves and it genuinely looked much-improved after we had finished.

“Honestly, had I been working on Wednesday I wouldn’t have even known about the event, which is perhaps something to do with a lack of publicising the clean-up.”

The focus of the clean-up event was on coppicing, ditch clearing and tidying up the area surrounding the park’s fishing pond.

City wardens, environment agency staff and local police officers were all on-hand at the event to join the community in helping to improve the state of the park.

Mr Fairclough continued: “Plenty of locals turned up for the event but that number was bolstered by the local Council cleaners and police officers etc.”

The event was held to mark ‘Make a Difference Day’, a national campaign organised by community service volunteers to encourage local people to try out volunteering.

Volunteers were provided with the necessary equipment for the day, which ran between 10am and 3pm.

Sam Smith

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