Vintage fair comes to Leicester city centre


A multi-award winning touring vintage fair stopped off at Leicester’s The City Rooms for a retro day out last weekend.

‘Britain Does Vintage’ is a travelling fair that visits various cities around England, offering vintage clothes and accessories to sell, coming to the city centre for the day on Sunday October 26.

Organiser Gina Walters, 23, of Sheffield said: “It’s been really nice today. Pretty calm, but not dead. After today we would love to come back.

“We decided to come to Leicester today because we’re based in York which is handy as it’s fairly local but we’re still expanding. We hope to go further down south.

“It’s nice to have some vintage in Leicester. There used to be Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, and I worked there but it’s lost its venue, which is sad,” she added.

The fair took place in Hotel Street’s The City Rooms from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Miss Walters said: “It’s a good venue as it’s central, we wanted it so people can find it.

“A lot of people don’t realise this place is here, they come here and say ‘I’ve lived in Leicester my whole life and didn’t know this place was here.’ The high ceilings are impressive.”

Britain Does Vintage specialises in both men’s and women’s clothing, jewellery and homeware.

“We’ve got lots of vintage clothes which go back to the 70s. Anything older than that is technically retro. We’ve got plenty of jewellery and curios too.

“We can get our clothes from different places, they can be hand chosen or from wholesalers.

“As well as clothes, today we’ve also had tea and cake, a pop up hair salon and singer Lianna Haynes performing here,” Miss Walters added.

Danielle Alexandra Lett

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