Leicester residents warned about Ouija boards this Halloween


Jacob Jarvis 

A professional ghost hunter is warning people about the dangers of Ouija boards this Halloween.

As people prepare for the scariest night of the year many are tempted to play around with the paranormal.

John Paulchance, a ghosthunter who conducted an investigation in The Tudor on Tudor Road earlier this year, said: “It’s definitely not something people should mess with. It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“If you don’t close a portal properly afterwards spirits and demons can stay around, I’ve had to clear out a lot of spirits from when people have done Ouija but not done it properly.”

Mr Paulchance runs Ghostcallers UK and travels all over Great Britain conducting investigations of paranormal activity has dealt with numerous cases where amateurs have caused supernatural problems.

“I did one house clear-out where I got rid of a spirit for someone, I then got a call off of the same person not long after telling me they were having the same problems all over again. It turns out they had done the Ouija board and brought back the same spirit.

“I’ve also had cases where people have moved into a house through no fault of their own and had problems with spirits and demons scaring them and their families.

“Then once I’ve done clear-outs I’ve discovered it’s because the people who previously lived in the house did a Ouija board,” he said.

To find out more about Ghostcallers UK visit Ghostcallersuk.com.

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