Leicester man takes on knife weilding intruder 


Josiah Holloway

A man narrowly escaped after waking up to armed robbers inside his home in Leicester. 

Ronak Chavda, 22, of Una Avenue, Braunstone, woke up at 10am on Thursday, October 23, expecting to be home alone but instead he awoke to see a man in a balaclava entering the room opposite him.

Mr Chavda said: “I stayed in bed for a few minutes, then slowly got out and grabbed my phone from the desk before creeping past the room to the toilet, but as I opened the door it creaked and they heard it.

“One of them pulled a knife out.

“I ran in the toilet, locked it and dialed 999.”

As the men attempted to kick down the door, the police arrived at the property and they were forced to jump from a bedroom window, escaping on bikes.

Family and friends have commended Mr Chavda for his bravery.

He said: “My parent’s are doing pretty well with the whole situation, they just think I was an idiot for trying to take on armed burglars.

“The police have been really helpful and I just hope they catch them.

“Our house wasn’t the only one, we’ve been told a number of other
houses in the area were hit pretty recently as well.

“Forensics are coming round, it all feels like something out of a film.”

Police advise anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to stay calm and call 999 immediately.

For residents who are concerned with the possibility of being burgled precautionary measures that can be taken are all available on the crime stoppers website police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/

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