Diwali kites decorate Leicester’s skyline


Katrina Chilver

Leicester families headed to Spinney Hill Park last weekend to celebrate Diwali with a day of kite flying.

Art Reach organised the event, which was held from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, October 18 and featured free Kite Crafting workshops and demonstrations from professional Kite Flyers.

Journeys Festival Director, Samuel Javid, said: “This is actually an extension of the Kite Crafting day we held as part of Journeys festival in August.

“This gives people a chance to fly the kites they made there and to celebrate other cultures.”

Kite Crafting expert and organiser of the Leicester Kite Festival, Harish Mandalia was there to help people make their kites and International Kite Flyer Stafford Wallace performed demonstrations.

Mr Wallace, said: “Everywhere I go people are saying that children aren’t playing anymore so it is good to be involved in an event that is encouraging children to play.

“Kite flying brings together lots of cultures because it plays a part in most people’s childhood and it’s great to be part of a Diwali celebration.”

Matt Webster, 28, of Leicester attended the event with his partner and two sons, Oliver and Harry aged five and three.

He said: “I saw it on the Leicester council website and thought it would be fun for the kids, and for us.

“It’s nice for Oliver and Harry to grow up learning about other cultures.”

The Mellor family from Hinckley, brought along the kites they made at the Journeys Festival in the summer.

Six-year-old Loreley Mellor, said: “It’s kind of hard to keep my kite in the sky and control it but it’s really fun” and her mum Jane, 49, said: “It’s good that we have been able to bring our kites here and fly them.”

Helen Chamberlain, event manager at Art Reach, said: “It’s been great to see so many families come down.

“Flying kites is a very big thing all over the world and I think it’s one of those things everyone relates to because it’s just so much fun.

“Everyone today has had a story to tell.”

For more information on Art Reach and the Journeys Festival, visit journeysfestival.com or call 0116 261 6882.

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