Charity dinner raises money and human trafficking awareness


A charity dinner in which more than 80 people attended has raised £1142 for the Stop the Traffik charity and highlighted the issue of human trafficking.

The dinner, which took place at Chef and Spice on Andrewes Street, Leicester, featured a raffle to raise funds, a presentation that captivated the hearts of the attendees and finished in a standing ovation.

Stop the Traffik, was founded in 2006 by Steve Chalke, and employs thousands of people across the globe, bringing together communities with the common aim of fighting human trafficking.

Parminder Parmer, 47, the Senior Primary Mental Health Worker who created the event, said: “The idea is the more people you tell, you are more alert, you are more aware and you’re looking around thinking ‘ok what’s going on here’ and you’re not blind to the issues.

“It is the second biggest industry in the world, only second to the illegal drug trade.”

Human trafficking is still a prevalent problem in today’s society and there are currently more ‘slaves’ in UK than ever before.

There are a vast range of tricks to illegally capture people, in which the victims are of any age group, all of these Stop the Traffik work to raise awareness against.

The owner of Chef and Spice, Syed Rahman, has pledged to help charities nationwide with the aims of raising £100,000 with fundraising nights.

The restaurant can accommodate for up to 150 people and 60% of the £15 ticket price will go to charity.

For more information regarding Stop the Traffik or to donate, visit or call 0207 921 4258.

Thomas Simpson

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