Man found guilty of sexual assault at Leicester car wash


Georgina Baker

Leicester Magistrates found a 34 year-old man guilty of sexual assault this week.

On Wednesday October 8, Faboitiio Venetance pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 23 year-old woman at a car wash in the city.

The court heard on Monday May 26, the defendant, who had been working at the car wash, joined the victim and her friend in a portakabin, where they were sheltering form the rain.

Mr Venetance started a conversation with the woman which started out as ‘chit chat’ but quickly ‘escalated.’

The prosecution made reference to the pre sentence report, in which the court heard: “The defendant didn’t think his behaviour of touching was unwelcome.”

The court then heard how the victim pushed the defendant away, telling him she had a boyfriend and his actions were completely unwelcome.

The prosecution then read a statement from the woman who said: “I felt very uncomfortable, very dirty.

“I feel violated and am very shocked this happened to me.

“I am too scared to go out and get my car washed.”

The defendant was identified by the victim and her friend in a police identity parade and was taken into custody before being formally interviewed.

The district judge said: “In no circumstances should anyone have to endure this kind of behaviour, it is not acceptable, you violated the young woman.”

Mr Venetance was sentenced to a community order, which he will serve over two years and is required to attend a community sexual offences programme.

He will also have to pay the victim £200 compensation and a £60 victim surcharge.

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