Couple attacked with iron bar in Narborough Road Jewellery shop

A man and his wife were attacked as they left Arti jewellers on Narborough Road just before 2pm on Friday 3rd October.

Stephanie Mills, 21, a student at DMU who lives on Narborough Road says: “I think it’s terrifying how someone can be attacked in the middle of the day, in broad daylight on this road.

“It doesn’t make me feel very safe.

“If someone can be robbed on one of the busiest streets in Leicester, surrounded by people, I dread to think what could happen at night.

“I have to walk past the jewellers almost everyday to get into university, I was always a bit nervous when walking at night, but I shouldn’t have to feel like this during the day as well.

“People were saying they were quite an elderly couple, I think it’s disgusting the robbers would pick on someone so vulnerable just because they knew it would be an easy target.

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: “The two victims were approached by two men wearing balaclavas who assaulted them with what is believed to be an iron bar.

“A bag containing a large amount of jewellery was stolen.

“The victims, a man and a woman, have been taken to hospital.

“The two men, along with a driver of a black Skoda Fabia, escaped from the scene in the direction of Upperton Road.

Jasmine Bradbury

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