100 new apprenticeships up for grabs in Leicester


One hundred new apprenticeship opportunities have been made available across the city of Leicester.

Monday, October 6, saw these new apprenticeship placements become available having been offered as part of Leicester City Council’s apprenticeship hub.

Robert Turnell, an economic regeneration officer, part of the Step-Up team behind the hub, said: “There are a low number of city residents taking up apprenticeships.

“It’s about getting young people interested and to raise awareness of apprenticeships.”

The scheme, known as HUB 100 offers a fast tracked approach to gaining an apprenticeship with a quick interview pathway and the chance to meet with employers.

Deputy City Mayor Rory Palmer, said: “This new initiative is a great way of highlighting the huge range of apprenticeships on offer to young people in the city.

“We want more people to consider apprenticeships as a next step from school to a future career.

“Apprenticeships allow young people to earn while they learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification into the bargain. “

The majority of the apprenticeships are aimed at education leavers, predominantly those aged 16-24, featuring opportunities in industry fields such as: business administration, catering, hairdressing as well as the likes of engineering and IT.

The newly available apprenticeships will be advertised online and those who apply can enrol their interest in a maximum of three vacancies and will work on a first come, first served basis.

Mr Turnell, said: “We hope the event will leave people with something to help move them along in the recruitment process.”

Candidates will then be contacted to make sure they are eligible for the scheme, to check that they are suitable for the vacancies they selected and successful applicants will be invited to at least one interview.

The HUB100 event and these will be held at Leicester’s Curve Theatre on Thursday, October 16 from 1pm until 4.30pm, which will provide the chance for candidates to meet employers and engage with training providers.

According to Mr Turnell “It’s the first time doing it and if successful it would be done again.”

Other events are being staged all across the country offering plenty of choice and lots of different job roles.

Deputy City Mayor Rory Palmer, added: “We are very grateful to the local businesses and other organisations that have worked with us to offer this fantastic opportunity.”

For more information about the scheme and the one hundred apprenticeships, visit leicester.gov.uk/hub100.

Sam Morris 

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